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Reason # 863- Why Living in the Little Italy Neighborhood of Downtown San Diego is Fantabulous!!!


Little Italy is a Most Wonderful Neighborhood; and, just when you thought it couldn’t possibly be any more fantastic,  Lofty Coffee will be opening its fourth and largest location at the corner of Cedar and Columbia Streets later on this year!  This corner lot will be transformed into an inviting and open space for the community to gather.  The design will equip this prime corner location with large windows that face the street to create an open, usable, and aesthetic space.  Additionally, the new Little Italy cafe will feature the largest outdoor patio in the neighborhood serving freshly roasted coffee from their Encinitas Roasting Works.

The company’s philosophy is Primo!  They partner with coffee farms and co-ops who grow with the sustainability of the fragile coffee growing regions in mind.  They use organic small farm-produced milk from No. Cal. They also use a Loring Smart Roaster- which is a beautifully hand-crafted piece of machinery made in CA. It is rated one of the most innovative, fuel efficient, and elegantly-crafted pieces of equipment designed to help protect the environment while roasting to perfection!

The Coffee Bar will have an open design- inviting engagement and conversation between baristas and customers to give the Fullest Coffee Experience possible.  The cafe will serve a locally sourced, organic breakfast and lunch menu, fresh house-made juices, and feature a Scratch baking kitchen that will be on full display to customers as each day’s pastries are created.  The cafe is expected to open in December of this year!  YUM!  As a resident/owner at la Vita, I can’t wait!!!!  Thinking about moving to Little Italy?  I am happy to help!  Laura Ochoa 619-920-2823   laura@welcometosandiego.com

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