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San Diego Real Estate Will Continue to be a Worthy Investment


Thinking that San Diego’s Real Estate values will plain out soon?    Not so, according to Alan Nevin,  the Director of Economic and Market Research at Xpera Group- the West Coast’s largest source of experts in construction and real estate.  Speaking at a recent real estate summit,  Nevin predicts that real estate investments in San Diego will continue to increase in value for the next 3 years.  A quick reference to the following economic factors substantiate this premise.

San Diego’s Population is Growing; Baby Boomers are Retiring and are Buying Houses; and San Diego is #2 in Job Creation in the entire State of California.   San Diego created 39,700 new jobs in 2015, according to the California Employment Development Department. The SD economy grew by 3.7% in 2015—the greatest in the state—and unemployment dropped to 4.7% from 5.4% a year ago, the SD Regional EDC reported in March.  San Diego’s healthy job growth has positively affected real estate values.

To illustrate this, there are several new apartment projects planned in Little Italy, downtown’s most popular and vibrant neighborhood.  Little Italy is perfectly located close to jobs, transportation and entertainment. Offering a blend of culture, arts, shopping and fine dining, the district is growing by 2.9% annually, compared to 1.9% in the overall Downtown market.  The population is growing faster than other Downtown neighborhoods because it is attracting young, educated professionals.  Projects such as AV8 and the Alexan, are among 13 residential and mixed-use projects under construction or in the works in Little Italy.

The Timing for Owning a Condo Home in Downtown San Diego is Perfect Right Now!

Not only will the downtown lifestyle be exciting, fun, and energizing, you will be thrilled to be an official homeowner in a progressive and fantastic neighborhood that’s continually-enhancing your life and helping you Achieve and Exceed the Many Benefits of the American Dream!

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