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East Village Green

An exciting new development has been in the works for a new park in East Village that caters to dogs and their owners is dubbed “East Village Green“. A few exciting features are two separate dog parks, based on the size of the dog (small and large), interactive fountain, underground parking, a community center, a performance stage and a children’s garden. One of the most exciting attributes of this park will be the “Bark Bar” which will cater to dog owners. All Features of East Village Green:

  • Community center with meeting rooms.
  • Basketball half-court.
  • Two-level underground parking structure.
  • 11,000 sqft even lawn with real turf.
  • Performance pavilion and plaza.
  • Children’s play area & garden.
  • Interactive water feature.
  • Reading room.
  • Off-leash dog parks.
  • “Bark Bar” pet-friendly outdoor dining.
  • Food truck parking.
  • Table game area.
  • Generous pedestrian sidewalks.
  • Drought-tolerant landscapre.
  • Moveable and fixed furniture.
  • Stromwater cistern.
  • Interactive fountain.

“I want to make sure that dog parks don’t get pushed out of this equation,” CivicSD director Phil Rath states.


The 14th street between F & G, where the project is planned could be used as a pedestrian plaza that would bring the likes of farmer’s markets, community events and other exciting possibilities. This park will consist of approximately 4.1 acres, providing both downtown residents and their pets alike. This development plan is part of Makers Quarter, a five block development plan proposed by Jerome’s Furniture. This three phase project will be located right in the heart of  San Diego Downtown’s fastest growing neighborhood, East Village.


As you may have noticed, the skyline of Downtown San Diego is full of cranes and residential development, especially in East Village. With the continue growth of residential development comes the increase of demand of an outside space, parks and areas for residents and their pets. East Village Green is gearing up to be the “signature park for East Village”.

“East Village Green will truly have something for everyone,” Nathan Elliot states, the principal with the Office of James Burnett, the San Diego landscape architecture firm. “It will be a place where everyone is welcome.”

However, a number of challenges and hurdles will still have to be overcome in order to create this exciting new park. Everything from being located on a series of active seismic faults, a 22 foot elevation change from one end to the other and the ability to gain financing during an economic slowdown will stand in the way. However, both residents and developers alike are excited about the possibility to bring this new addition to Downtown San Diego.

“I think the East Village is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation and we’re very optimistic about the ways this important new public open space will help catalyze that change,” Elliot said.

For more information, click the following: Makers Quarter, East Village Green, Office of James Burnett and The East Village Association. Information for this article was cited and used from the following: San Diego Downtown News & Union Tribune.



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