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Essential Home Repairs To Do NOW Before They Really Stress You Out!

We have learned to live with the little “problems” in our home.  Faucet leaking around the sink in the bathroom?  Just put a washcloth around it to catch the water; Your dryer in your condo isn’t drying loads of laundry as fast? Just run them through a second cycle- no big deal….or is it?

Nobody ever jumps up quicky at the thought of spending precious weekends battling home repairs. They’re costly time-sucking chores.  So very often, we put them off, over and over again.

There are some home improvement projects that should be done quickly to prevent bigger and costlier problems down the road. Here are 8 home repairs experts say you should never put off:clogged dryer vents

  1. A Leaking Roof

If you see water stains on your ceiling or down your walls, get that handled immediately!—there are a host of problems that can arise and get progressively worse with a leaking roof like structural issues, water damage, mold, electrical problems, etc.  Check the shingles on your roof regularly- especially after a big storm.

  1. Cracks in the Foundation

Although a home’s foundation may develop small cracks over time, stop them before they spread or you may have to replace the foundation and it could be dangerous to you and your family if cracks go unaddressed.

  1. Gas Leaks

If you ever smell gas (smells like rotten eggs), call the gas company and get out of there until help arrives.  Gas causes fires and explosions!  Gas is silent but deadly as we all know in more ways than one!  🙂

  1. Plumbing Leaks & Mold

Leaking water can lead to mold, structural problems, and health issues. Homeowners should check under sinks at least once a year to ensure no water is leaking into the cabinets. If you see any, call a plumber right away.  Get that sink taken care of too.  Water stains can occur on granite and other surfaces and water can enter cracks and drip down to the floor causing floor boards to swell etc.  Mold is not good.  It can make you very sick.



  1. Overtaxed or Poor Electrical Systems

In this day and age, it’s all about electronics.  We plug 8 electric devices into 2 outlets.  More than 40,000 electrical fires occur each year in the United States. And, most of them could have been easily avoided. Some warning signs of faulty electrical work include circuit breakers blowing unexpectedly, lights flickering, and outlets and/or switches being warm or hot to the touch. Not calling an electrician can result in your home catching fire. Got it? Call an electrician.

  1. Clogged Gutters

Got Gutters? Clogged gutters are easy to ignore, but they can cause substantial damage to your home if you don’t make it your business to keep them clean.  The role of gutters and drainpipes is to draw rainfall away from the home. If they’re stopped up, water begins to pool in vulnerable areas. You’ll also face a higher risk for wood rot and foundation damage.  Homeowners should clean out their gutters twice a year and water test them with a garden hose afterward. Make sure the water travels easily through the gutter system, into the drainpipe, and away from the home’s foundation.

  1. Clogged Dryer Ventscute mouse

Removing the lint from your dryer vent is necessary- not just from the dryer itself but from the lint traps many condo buildings have in their laundry rooms.  If you allow lint and other fabric to sit in a dryer vent, they will ultimately cause an airflow and exhaust backup that can turn into a major fire hazard.  Two dryer cycles per load of clothes can cost you lots more $$$$ too.

  1. Pest Infestations

Ants, termites, roaches and rodents don’t travel alone. If you see one, you can bet others are just out of sight. They can eat through wood quickly until it’s unstable and structurally dangerous.  Besides chewing on wood, rodents also gnaw on roofs creating leaks and chomp down on wiring, which can easily cause a fire.  Look for holes and plug them up.  Cute as can be but not in your house!

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