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2017 San Diego Restaurant Week


Starting this Sunday it is officially Restaurant Week in San Diego. The 13th annual week is partnering up with Girl Scouts San Diego which is celebrating 100 years this month! Enjoy dishes featuring all your favorite girl scout cookies used in recipes that are sure to surprise you. This year the restaurants are taking Girl Scout cookies to the next level with dishes like Samoas Crusted Fried Shrimp, Do-si-dos Peanut Thai Chicken, salads featuring toasted Trefoil croutons, and more! There is 180 participating restaurants ranging from $10/$15$/$20 lunch menus to $20/$30/$40/$50 dinner menus at restaurants all around the county. 

Visit the website www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com  to view all the restaurants and menus. Some might require reservations. 




Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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