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California University presence comes to downtown San Diego

To quote the famous lyrics of Bob Dylan, “The Times are a Changin” and so is Downtown San Diego. The redevelopment of America’s Finest City has contributed to the addition of hotel buildings, super-prime luxury housing (Pacific Gate by Bosa) , affordable housing, shopping , a convention center, restaurants, parks, apartment buildings, restaurants and even a major sporting a sporting arena (PETCO Park). However, up until recently, San Diego has been one of the only major cities with out a true University presence… until now.

Now this new addition is not to be confused with an entire campus, nor is it just a few departments. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has given this space the name “Innovative Cultural & Education Hub” and is said to play a very unique role for the University. 

Check out the video here!

The details:

  • 66,000 sqft development
  • Corner of Park Boulevard & Market Street in East Village
  • $42 million
  • Completion scheduled for 2020
  • Academic & outreach programs for middle and high school students
  • Business & entrepreneurship resources 
  • Venue for arts, events and exhibits
  • Courses, classes, workshops and seminars
  • 3,000 sqft of restaurant space on ground floor
  • Outdoor amphitheater
  • 34-story apartment tower
  • 341 apartments
  • 85 low-income units (graduate students making ls than $31,500 could qualify)
  • Holland Partner Group
  • Part of the $275 million proposed Park & Market project
  • Restoration of historic Remmen House

San Diego is undergoing a very noticeable shift by the millennial demographic due to young people looking to live, work and play in the city. Plus with the development of the I.D.E.A. District, an apartment-commercial space-live-work-loft complex, the city is poised to deliver the wants & needs of entrepreneurs, tech gurus and start-ups alike. San Diego is starting to see a small growth in start-ups and tech companies, however, there is talk around the town that the city plans to cater to those companies so we could bring a major Tech compan presence. With the addition of UCSD, the city can expect a steady growth from those who are looking to further their education, grab a morning surf and head into work & code software programs or head into the lab. Mayor Kevin Faulconer said

“landing a university presence in downtown San Diego is a game changer and the result of years of hard work to make it a reality. With UC San Diego’s top-notch reputation, it will provide countless opportunities as we prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Not only has San Diego undergone a cultural shift, but it is also undergoing a transportation shift leading to new infrastructure and transport options. One of the most notable being San Diego’s expanding trolley line. The downtown UCSD hub will be connected to the main campus in La Jolla through the UC San Diego Blue Line trolley. The growing trolley line will connect La Jolla, Downtown and North County. The hub is also strategically placed in close proximity to the MTS Bus lines.


This new hub & the projects that support it will help continue the redevelopment and revitalization of East Village, along with the rest of San Diego.  Not only will San Diego now finally have a major University presence, but it will also bring jobs for faculty members & staff , provide educational opportunities to students, help increase the local economy and provide services to the community. 

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