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11 Simple Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

With the low inventory of properties on the market these days, putting in some sweat equity and check equity into your home can equal higher price and a quicker close. Multiple offer situations are still happening and those who prepare end up reaping the benefits. Use these simple tips to wow buyers and have them fall in love with your home.

  1. Clean like Mr. Clean – Seems obvious right? Clean everything…literally. The windows, the fan blades, the oven, the microwave, refrigerator, cabinet drawers, mirrors, the inside of the home, the outside of the home, the floors, bathrooms, the gutters, etc. Sloppy interiors and exteriors can be a huge a turn off to buyers. If you are too busy or out already moved out of the property, consider hiring a cleaning service.

  2. Win the “Find that smell” game – Have a showing in the afternoon? Then cooking Thai Curry for lunch is a bad idea. Also, you will want to hid the litter box, the pets food and anything else that may be smelly. Using an air neutralizer, baking some fresh cookies, putting out fresh flowers or using a plugin scent is always a great idea. Just be sure it is neutral and doesn’t overpower. Its better to be underwhelming than overwhelming when it comes to smells.

  3. Make Repairs – Whenever I meet with a potential seller, I always ask them to put their “buyer goggles” on and tell me what they think their home needs improving or repairs. Getting these repairs done before going to market will help, especially the major defects or safety concerns like broken windows, leaky roofs or faulty plumbing. Reducing the buyers potential request for repairs list or post-purchase cost of repairs list will help in the long run.

  4. Go neutral with color – You love your burnt orange kitchen, but it may little too much for buyers. Having new paint is always in encourage when going to market, but if you have some extreme colors like red, green or orange, consider painting them neutral. White, tan and light grey is always a great choice.

  5. Less is the new more: Remove the clutter – We all think our homes are perfect. But clearing off the toaster, the blender, the bread basket, the coffee machine and the toaster oven of the counter-tops will help showcase the amount of counters space your home has to offer. Consider also removing personal photos (to “depersonalize” the space), extra furniture and knickknacks as well. Renting a temporary storage space can help if you have no where to put them.

  6. Pops of Color – Now that your house is cleaned, de-cluttered and freshly painted, its time to add pops of color. Easy ways to do this is with throw pillows, fake plants and throw blankets. If you working with an outside space, try adding some lemons on the table and a nice summer rug. 

  7. Lights will guide you home – Artificial and natural light is always a top priority to most home buyers I meet. If a home feels dark and dim, it will feel cold and uninviting. Nobody wants to feel like they are living in a cave. Replacing all your existing light with bright white LED bulbs is a great way to light up a space. You may also consider adding more floor lamps, table lamps or even canned lighting that will light up the ceiling. It makes a huge difference, both in person and in photos.

  8. Organize your closets and drawers – Storage space is a big deciding factor for most buyers. Be sure to pick up and organize your clothes in your closets, but don’t forget about your drawers too! Buyers have a tendency to look in drawers when seriously considering a property to get a better sense of storage. Messy closets and sloppy drawers give the assumption that there is not enough storage space.

  9. Conquer your curb appeal – First impressions are important when selling and buying real estate, and your front yard is no different. Planting colorful flowers, trimming the grass, pruning the trees, replacing the house numbers and painting the fence is just a few ideas to help freshen up your curb appeal. 

  10. Toilet Troubles – Close the toilet! Seriously, close that toilet lid. More times than I can count on my hand, I show properties to buyers where the seller forgot to close the toilet lid. It is even worse when its not done in photographs. This small little tip can make a difference.

  11. Hire a home stager – This is a big one. We recommend this for every seller we work with. Let the professionals come in and give your home that WOW factor. The proof is in the numbers: According to the National Association of Realtors, for every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is $400. Staged homes will sell for 17% more on average and 95% of staged home sell in 11 days or less.


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Now your home looks inviting from the outside and is equally matched on the inside. It smells great, looks great and feels amazing. Congratulations! You are about to make a buyer fall in love with your home, the same way you did when you bought it.



Written by: Robert Gmur

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