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Savina by Bosa – Luxury meets Location and offers a Lifestyle to Envy


Luxury meets Location and offers a Lifestyle to Envy: Savina by Bosa – Columbia District of Downtown San Diego!

I feel silly for not realizing this would happen.  But when I became a realtor, i was able to do my job, view property and be totally unattached to the beautiful condos and homes I kept exploring through.  If it wasn’t beautiful finishes or magnificent views of San Diego, it was a great investment deal that my clients were falling in love with and I just facilitated the process based on what they were looking for and voile, it’s just another day at the office.  I could admire and agree with why my clients buy what they buy… but I was always able to see that as theirs, not mine.  

But something changed when I stepped into Savina by Bosa.  Envy entered my heart.  I want one.  I want to live there for everything that it offers… location, finishes, amenities, investment.  If this were an episode of the Voice – Blind Auditions, it would be a 4 chair turn!  Bosa nailed it!  And now I want one… I’m not sure if that’s what God plans for me, so I’ll pray about it.  But in the meantime, while I deal with the envy in my heart… you might be able to step into the Savina Gallery and choose one for yourself!

BOSA_Savina_Clubroom_ExteriorPrices start in the mid-$500’s which opened up some wide realtor eyes.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the property would start at a more modest price point and be a realistic opportunity for more people.  While at the same time, Savina is offering luxury amenities and a lifestyle that would attract buyers well into the $3 million dollar price range.

But you know what really sold me?  In the scaled building model showing the amenity area and pool deck, there are little figurine people… well, this model has a little boy figure running on the pool deck with a bikini top in his hand, while being chased by the owner of that bikini top!  I love the humor in unexpected places!  You will have to see it for yourself to believe me.


If you’re interested in the project and want to know more, call me for details and pricing.  If after our chat, you’d like to view the Savina Gallery and model humor, i can set up a 1-on-1 tour with our Savina Sales Person… it’ll be easy to remember, since we are both named Nicole!  We can get you registered right away to have a first look at the floor plans, views and pricing that you’re looking for and with only 5% down, you can reserve your new home at Savina!  Welcome to San Diego & a life to be envied at Savina by Bosa!

Call, text, email or comment below to get scheduled your Savina tour.

 Nicole Justice  |  NicoleJ@WelcometoSanDiego.com  |  619.961.6615

The button below will take you to the currently listings in the Columbia District.  Savina will be in great company with 7 other high-rises…  6 of which are developed by Bosa!  Click here to familiarize yourself with Bosa Developed Properties as well as the price points available in the Columbia district.  You’ll be well prepared to see what you can get at Savina, coming Winter 2018!


Broker is not a direct representative of Bosa Development CA II, Inc. Bosa is not liable for any modification or misrepresentation of the product offering.

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