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5 Tips To Learning Something New



Everyone wants to be better… just like that.  Like learning something through osmosis versus reading, studying, practicing and working hard.  But guess what… that may not be enough either.  A lot of us will make these efforts and “white knuckle” trying to learn and grow and sometimes still end up with lack luster results.  Why is that?

Sometimes it’s not just what you are learning, but why are you learning it.  

How often do we want a new job, get the new job & quickly decide, “That was NOT for me!” and bail?  It’s a game of managing expectations and having flexibility.  One of our biggest hang-ups are our EGOs.  I know you are probably nodding your head in agreement and thinking of someone you know who has this exact hang-up.  But not you, right?  I hate to break it to you, but you have EGO too.  I know this, because I lived this.  I always said I want to learn, that I am teachable and coachable… but as I reflect back, I can see how rigid and rebellious I’ve been in the last couple of years.

Having experience for 10+ years as a successful corporate salesperson and being known as a local expert, my world was rocked when it came time to learn a new business, in a new industry.  People didn’t know me and didn’t really care what I had to say.  And guess what, I didn’t really care what my new bosses had to say either.  Enter HUMILITY.  Not by choice, I’ll confess that much.  Something I wish I knew then… I would have saved myself a lot of frustration.  


Here are 5 things to consider when learning something new:

Be Open.  There’s a very small chance that things will happen as you expect, in nearly every situation.  Leave your expectations at the door and be open to possibilities.  Let that excitement of the unknown drive you, not paralyze you.

Be Humble.  Unless you are the genius of all, which you likely are not.  Humility is important for growth, can we all agree on that?

Be Coachable.  It’s hard to be coachable without humility, but being coachable also means that you take direction, ask questions and be willing to try new things.  It might even require taking some risks… what great rewards come from never taking risks?

Be Willing to be Uncomfortable.  Learning something new means trying things you may not have done before… which can be very uncomfortable for a lot of us.  If we stayed in our comfort zones, we would remain as we are and where we are.  Prepare babies-learnyourself for the discomfort of growth!

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