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The Dog-Friendly Guide to Moving: Get From Point A to Point B

San Diego is a wonderful place, with many dog-friendly places to frolic and explore such as Ocean Beach, on and off-leash Balboa Park, and even breweries. There are even organized workout opportunities that go beyond the traditional dog walking.  Don’t worry, there are plenty of things for you to do without your dog too.

However, before the adventure can officially begin, you’ve got to get there first. Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just fast forward through the move and start the adventures now? Time travel doesn’t exist just yet, but with these 8 tips, you’ll be settled into San Diego in no time.

Moving With a Pet_Image Only copy

For more information: 

  1. Visit bringfido.com to find pet friendly establishments
  2. Visit your local petco to order new ID tags
  3. Visit yelp.com to read vet reviews
  4. Visit humanesociety.org for help with packing a travel bag for your dog
  5. Visit vcahospitals.com for tips on managing your pet’s stress
  6. Visit rover.com to find dog boarders or day care for moving day
  7. Visit aspca.com for more tips on moving with a pet
  8. Visit rover.com to get tips on helping your dog adjust


Moving with a dog in tow is an adventure, but the real adventure begins once that last bag is unpacked. With this guide, you can reduce some of the moving stress and start falling in love with San Diego as soon as possible.

Article provided by dogetiquette.info

Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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