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3 Good Spots to Catch a Football Game in Downtown San Diego

Football season is finally here and what a better way to catch a game than at one of the many bars, pubs and eateries around downtown San Diego. As a new Downtown resident, it was a bit overwhelming trying to decide where to watch the games. You see, in years past I would be preparing to either host a get together at my house or be getting ready for an awesome Charger Tailgate party at the Q, but since my former team decided to pack their bags and go where they don’t belong, I decided to try something different and hop around our new neighborhood to see what good spots we can find. Besides, going around all these places actually allowed me to watch multiple games at one time and keep up with my fantasy leagues which made it that much more entertaining. Now, without further ado here is a quick recap of 5 great places to catch not just a great game but also great drink and food specials. The spots are in no particular order.

  #1- Social Tap

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.51.48 PM

Social Tap is located at 815 J St. San Diego, California 92101. It is literally right next to Petco park so it also makes for a great spot before a Padres Game. This spot has 3 patios and is equipped with 27 TV’s including a 90″ and 110″ screens. They have the full DirecTV package so they can have any game going at any time. Also, who doesn’t like to watch their team win while eating some delicious wings and drinking some fresh local beer. Social Tap has a great deal for Thursdays where you can get wings for $1 and 50% off a bottle of wine; this makes  for a great Thursday Night Football spot. Now I know wings and wine don’t really go together but when your wife doesn’t like beer, then it makes perfect sense to come here. I have yet to try their wings but I’ve heard nothing but great things about them, and they rave about their sauces being made from scratch so I’m definitely looking forward to that.












#2- The Deck at Moonshine Flats

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.46.14 PM

The Deck at Moonshine Flats is located at 335 Sixth Ave. San Diego, California 92101. As I mentioned before, my friends and I had a great 10 year tradition going for a Chargers Opener Tailgate Party that we all used to look forward to so I wanted to find a place that could still provide that tail gate atmosphere. The Deck is an outdoor venue featuring some back yard games such as corn hole, shuffle board and ping pong. They are known for their delicious smokehouse BBQ menu and casual vibe. They also have plenty of bars which makes it easier to get a drink during busy games. The Deck is definitely a great spot to take advantage of the beautiful weather a great game with an awesome atmosphere.






#3- BUB'S

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.54.14 PMBub’s at The Ballpark is located at 715 J St. San Diego, CA 92101. Bub’s is considered to be one of the best sports bars in all of San Diego. They have over 25 HD TVs and subscribe to all sports packages, so catching your favorite team here should not be an issue. Regardless if you’re a NFL or NCAA fan, Bub’s has you covered. They have the same special for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Football games. This place is always busy during games so it’s recommended to get there early. Also, make sure your whole group is with you when you arrive since they have a “Table Sharing Policy” in which any open seat is available to grab. This is a great concept because it allows people to get to know each other and root for their teams. I have yet to try this but they also have a “Soundog” which is a speaker that you can get to listen to any game straight from your table. The “Soundog” needs to be requested from your server but I’m sure it makes a difference when you’re trying to listen to whats going on.






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