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San Diego Rental Tips

Rents are increasing at near historic rates, 7.9% this year to date! Learn how to find the perfect home at the right price in today’s market.

  • Start your search early. Narrow down your search area to save time. Set Google alerts for new postings in your area.
  • Run your credit to identify any potential issues before you begin applying
  • Contact a Realtor. They have access to more search tools than you do!
  • Ask your network of friends and family for help. Wouldn’t you love living near friends and family?
  • Check insurance rates in your new area. Some neighborhoods come with increased car insurance and renters insurance!
  • Visit any place you are thinking of viewing at night. This is a good way to get a feel for the area and interact with neighbors.
  • Know what your must haves for an apartment are and what you may be willing to settle for. Make a checklist and bring it to all showings.
  • Ask about any additional costs you may be responsible for and make sure this doesn’t break your budget. Some common additional costs are: electricity/gas, parking fees, storage fees, pet rent, and move-in fees.
  • Find a roommate! This is one of the easiest ways to live in an area you couldn’t afford to on your own. Make sure your roommate will qualify before you start searching together. Studio prices increased in San Diego over 11% last year alone; 3% more than average.
  • Bring references with you to showings. This will help set you apart in a competitive apartment market.
  • Get your paperwork together! All landlords will require at least a photo ID and proof of income. By having all of this ready your application can be processed faster giving you a better chance of being selected.
  • Move at the right time. Spring and Summer are very busy rental seasons with lots of competition which drives prices up. During the winter there is less movement and prices may be lower.

For all current vacancies click here: Current Vacancies

If you are looking for help in your apartment search, please contact Tom with Welcome to San Diego Management (619)541-8839

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