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Get Your Home Ready for Marketing Photos that Will Sell Your Home!

Are you getting ready to list your home or condo for sale or lease? In today’s market photos are more important than ever as to have your home stand out as over 92% of home purchasers used the internet to search for their new home in 2015 (NAR Profile of Buyers, 2015). By following these suggestions below your home will look like everyone’s dream home in no time!


  • Thoroughly clean whole house!
  • Turn all overhead lights and lamps on and replace any bulbs. Make sure the bulbs are all the same temperature for even lighting.
  • Turn OFF: TV’s, Ceiling Fans, and Computer Monitors
  • Open blinds/window treatments
  • Remove: Personal Photographs, small rugs to reveal flooring.
  • DECLUTTER everywhere! Clear personal photos, charging cables, personalized names from walls, remove magazines, hide mail, etc. The less personal items the better!


  • Remove all items from countertops including knife blocks, baking supplies, mail, coffee maker, blender, etc. Leave out ONE small appliance at most.
  • Clear refrigerator of art projects, magnets, photos, etc.
  • Hide garbage can in pantry or closet
  • Remove dishes from sink.
  • Remove any dish towels in kitchen
  • If you have a kitchen table clear it completely. Feature one center piece as a bouquet of flowers and use decorative place setting if available. Space chairs evenly and remove and child seats/booster chairs.


  • Remove all items from countertops. NO soap dispensers, toothbrushes, medications, deodorant, etc.
  • Put toilet seats down!!!
  • Close closet/cabinet doors
  • Remove all products from shower and tubs
  • Remove dirty towels and use on clean, unused towels
  • Remove floor mats to expose flooring surface


  • Make your bed and throw on your decorative pillows and shams
  • Press the bed skirt and linens (You can use a handheld steamer for this!)
  • Clear your nightstand including phone cable, family photos, etc.
  • Make sure nothing will show underneath your bed! 

I hope these tips help! What you are looking to do is show your home in the cleanest way possible. This way you will attract ALL buyers, not just those with the same style as you and will help get your home off the market quickly!


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