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Roma Urban Market Little Italy

Little Italy has by far been the most popular downtown neighborhood when it comes to living and lifestyle.  Now don’t get me wrong here, the Gaslamp Quarter has it’s moments and The Marina District is in the dead center of downtown with some beautiful luxury towers.  However, the culinary scene, charming streetscapes and Farmers Market in Little Italy have made it one of Forbes top 10 places to live.

One of the very few amenities that has been missing from the Little Italy community is a grocery store.  I’m excited to say that while it’s not as extensive as a Trader Joe’s or Costco, there’s a new venue in town that is going to keep residents of Little Italy from having to get in their car to go shopping on such a consistent basis.  Roma Mia is a fabulous new grocery store and prepared food venue; we were fortunate enough to get to visit Roma Mia and interview the Managing Director, Eric.  Check it out:

Roma Urban Market is located at 555 W Beech Street just west of Acquavista on the south side of Beech St.  

As always, if you are looking for recommendations for any or all things Little Italy, we are happy to help out.  Stop by and visit us at our Little Italy office located at 1772 Kettner Blvd in the Doma Condo Building.  Or you can always connect with us on via social media or:



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