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Hosting for the Holidays? Tips to Make Your Guests Feel at Home!

Hosting for the holidays doesn’t have to be a headache! The key to making sure your out-of-town guests feel at home is a little hospitality, a welcoming persona, and if you want, a few extra touches here and there will really make your guests feel extra special.

Here are our tips for being the perfect host for your overnight guests this holiday season! 

Tidy up the house. Thoroughly clean the house or use this as your motivation to get everything in tip-top shape and off your to-do list. This can include getting rid of clutter, small house repairs, or that small redecorating project you’ve been putting off. This is a good time to also take a quick glance at your medicine cabinet, checking for anything you may not want someone else to peek at. Do the same for financial records, bills, or medical records that may be left in the kitchen, spare room, or home office.

Make some space for your guest. If you are honest with yourself, you likely can admit that you have a spare closet that could use a bit of tidying (and decluttering!). By freeing up some space in a closet, your guest will have the option to hang up their clothing and organize their overnight belongings. Rather than having their luggage, bags, and items strewn around your house, your guest will feel that they are less of a burden on you by having their own designated space.

Have plenty of food and drinks. Stock the fridge with the types of beverages and snacks your know your guest enjoys. If you’re not sure, we suggest that you have a variety in case your guest have any specific allergies or preferences! The idea is to make it easy for your guests to grab a quick snack whenever they want.

Answer any questions, before they ask.  Take a moment to write down your home’s WiFi password, instructions for the television, let them know where they can find more toiletries and towels, and place a spare key in the room if they’ll be exploring on their own. 

Don’t forget the kids. If your guests include children, make sure you accommodate them, too. If you don’t have any children, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a game or two to keep them busy or plan an easy craft. If you and the children’s parents have a party to attend, find the names of a few babysitters that you can give to the parents. Don’t feel like you need to arrange for the babysitter. The parents will probably need to discuss payment and possibly transportation.

Bonus Tip: Another nice touch is to put a framed photo of you with that friend or family member in the room. That shows that you’ve had the person in mind and have anticipated their stay long before their arrival!


The food is ready, and the house is clean – Now enjoy your guests company and the holidays. You deserve it.


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