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Lacking A Green Thumb? 10 House Plants You Won’t Kill:

Lacking a green thumb? These houseplants are for you.

One of the best ways to add some life to your apartment is to decorate it with a bit of greenery. Not only do plants and flowers have a distinct visual appeal, they also have many air purifying qualities that can make your place more breathable and fresh-feeling.

Many people know this but are unsure which plants are best for apartment-living. There is usually less space and sunlight to work within apartments, so unless you have a knack for plants it can be difficult to pick out the right ones. And while NO plant is completely “kill-proof,” some plants are much more hardy and adaptable than others. Here are a few of the best houseplants to add to your apartment to freshen things up a bit.


Snake plants (also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) are great because they don’t need to be maintained daily. In fact, they can go weeks without being watered and will still look fresh. Plus, they don’t need much light at all. What could be easier? Snake plants can grow to be tall and strappy, and generally work well in most types of rooms. Another plus is that their shape allows you to plant them in creative ways using pots of all types and sizes.


Bamboo plants are simply awesome for desks and counters. They can also come in bigger and taller sizes for the floor, but most popular are the smaller twisted stalks that are fascinating to look at. They are very low-maintenance only needing water and shade to survive. Keep in mind the more sun Bamboo plants get, the faster they grow, so be prepared to have a bigger bamboo plant if you plan to keep it out on the patio.


Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some (such as cacti) have thorns, others are rounded and smooth. Some bloom, most don’t. Some grow “babies” that fill out a space (such as Hens & Chicks), others stay as a single plant. Succulents don’t need much water but it is good to constantly check them for dry soil. Once an eye test shows that the soil could probably use a little moisture, simply add water and let the soil absorb it like a sponge. Fun fact: all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.


Snake plants, spider plants… why are we naming plants after creepy crawlies? Spider plants to require a well-lit window, but if you have that, just water them once a week and they will grow like crazy. Bonus… the plants produce offshoots that you can plant elsewhere to expand your greenery.


Depending on the variety, they can grow to be quite large, so look for smaller varieties if you don’t have a large space. These plants have distinctive white flowers. They do not require direct sun, and they are known to be powerful air filters.


These are cool to look at, only need watering once every week or two, and thrive on indirect light. And, if you get a small cut or minor burn, you can snip off the end of the plant and apply the gel inside to your injury.


Jade plants are succulents, but have the unique characteristic that if they don’t get enough water, they just go dormant. Their round leaves give them a unique look. If your plant goes dormant, just water it to revive it.


These plants like low light, and dry soil, so be careful not to over water… once a week at most. But if you have a dark apartment and trouble remembering to water your plants regularly, this could be just the ticket.


Low light, dry air (low humidity) and infrequent watering? No problem! This plant will thrive in those conditions. The bulb that the stems grow from hold lots of water, allowing the plant to survive. Some might call it the camel of the plant world.


Plants can be both decorative AND nutritious. Here are some great apartment plants you can use as ingredients in your favorite dishes:

Avocado – If you want to try a cool farming project in your apartment, avocado trees are an easy way to start. You can grow an avocado tree in your apartment simply by using toothpicks to suspend the pit of an avocado inside a glass of water. Leave it on a window sill or out on your patio for a few weeks and you should start to see a small Avocado tree sprouting in no time. When it’s ready, transfer it to a pot or plant it outside if you have a yard.

Fresh Herbs – These are some of the easiest edible plant options for those dwelling in apartments. You can grow basil, rosemary, ginger, and more to make your own little urban herb garden. Just keep in mind that herbs need as much natural light as possible, and may not be suited to all apartments.

Garlic Greens – Lighter and more gentle than the taste of garlic cloves, garlic greens can be grown in a small pot using discarded garlic cloves. Garlic greens are delicious as a seasoning or garnish. Simply plant three or four cloves in a pot filled with potting soil. Sit them on a sunny window ledge and water them lightly.


Hopefully, these tips helped you come up with some inspiring ideas for adding various houseplants to your apartment. If you didn’t have the “green thumb” before, hopefully, you will after putting some of these ideas to the test!



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