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Seven Perfect Spring Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen without Renovation!

A kitchen renovation can completely change the look of your investment property, but can be cost prohibitive and very time consuming. If you are not looking to complete a full-renovation, but want to update the look of your kitchen follow the helpful tips below to make the most out of your investment!


There are a few different routes to go with the cabinets in your investment property, assuming you like the flow and function of your current kitchen. The first and less expensive option is paint, but you will have to do A LOT of prep work. With any painting project the prep work is always the most important step and with something you will be using as often as kitchen cabinets it is especially crucial to spend the time and ensure your paint won’t chip or peel.

Another option that lot’s of homeowners are considering are resurfacing the cabinets. This project is best for homes/condos with original wood cabinetry and involves changing the doors, hardware, and drawers and covering the entire exterior of the cabinets in a wood veneer. This whole process can be completed in about a week using the right contractor and starts at approximately $6000.


A new backsplash is a great way to give your kitchen a fresh and clean look, especially if there is no existing backsplash! This look can be achieved in numerous different ways designed to fit any budget. For someone just starting out in remodeling, the easiest look is paint! A high gloss or bright color can work wonders! Another easy and long lasting option is installing beadboard or shiplap. This can then be painted as often as you like to change up the look. And for the more experienced DIYer, tile is a timeless look that has come back into fashion in a big way!   

Whitewashed Shiplap


For a new look for your countertops head to a local stone yard and choose a granite or quartz on the lower end of the price range. These often look like much more expensive stones and most renters won’t know the difference! If you are really trying to maximize your dollar, Formica is also an option, but at higher price points we definitely recommend stone. If you don’t want to change your countertops or just want to add more countertop space look for a premade island or bar height table that can fit in the middle of your kitchen. For a more contemporary look try your local restaurant supply store and find a stainless steel food prep table.


Creating new shelving in your condo can be as easy as removing cabinet doors to reveal your beautiful serving ware! If you don’t have this option due to the design of your cabinets another easy option is adding a floating shelving system. You can pick these up just about anywhere, from Ikea to Target to Pottery Barn, so there is a style to fit every budget. Make sure you install theses shelves securely; add a bracket underneath to support the weight of pots and dishes.


Lighting can dramatically change the look of your investment property, and often at a small upfront investment cost. Adding under-cabinet lighting is a great way to highlight the new countertops and backsplash that you just installed. By removing fixtures that date your home such as fluorescent fixtures and replacing them with canned lights will make your property rent ready for years to come. Another very modern and new idea is LIGHT TAPE which can transform any space and is very easy and fun to work with.


If you are resurfacing your cabinets you will definitely need to select some new knobs/pulls that match the new look of your cabinets. You will be shocked at the multitude of choices across all price points so shop around for the best bargain.

This is also a great way to change the look of freshly painted cabinets and can really change the look of older cabinets.

Appliances and Plumbing

A very easy way to date a kitchen is the appliances. Colors and styles quickly come in and out of fashion and may make all of your hard work to change the countertops, cabinets, and lighting look incomplete! New stainless appliances are the finishing touch on any modern kitchen and full kitchen sets can cost as little as $1000. A farmhouse sink is also a huge visual change and can cost as little as $500 making it a very cost effective change.

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