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New Sports Teams coming to San Diego Soon

Are you still missing the Chargers and professional football in San Diego? Thanks to the Alliance of American Football, San Diego will have a football team again soon. On May 31st the league announced that a team will be coming to San Diego, and will be led by big name coach Mike Martz. Games will begin in February of 2019 and the season will be 10 games long over 12 weeks. The new team will play at SDCCU Stadium (Qualcomm) and join announced teams from Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, Memphis and Salt Lake City with two more to be announced shortly. The team name has not yet been released but at least football is back!


There is also another completely new professional sport coming to San Diego in November of 2018. The San Diego Seals will start playing in the National Lacrosse League and compete with 10 other teams to bring a championship to San Diego. With San Diego residents embracing the San Diego Gulls, the Seals hope to be next. National League Lacrosse will be played at San Diego Sports Arena  and will utilize the boards and glass from the hockey rink. Want to find out more information about the National Lacrosse League or the Seals? Follow this link!

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