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Tips to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Feel Larger

It seems that kitchens in rental units are getting smaller and smaller, causing many renters lots of stress when looking for a new place to call home. If you are dealing with this issue, just follow these tips to maximize your space and have a well designed kitchen your friends will be jealous of!

  • Donate your unnecessary kitchen items
    • We all have some kitchen utensils that we do not use as often as we thought we would. Most of these seem to be the largest items in your kitchen so take these items to your favorite thrift store so someone else can use them. This can also be a great time to purge your plates, cups and utensils. The less of these you own the easier it will be to keep your small space looking clean.
  • Grow your storage Vertically
    • This tried and true method of adding storage can help keep cabinets uncluttered and add a personal touch to any small space. There are many different items to help you store up including hanging pot racks, magnetic knife strips, dish drying racks installed over your sink, and pegs to hang pot holders and oven mitts just to name a few.
  • Find Pretty Cleaning Tools
    • Since most of your items will be visible it is worth it to spend a few extra dollars to get visually appealing products. Some ideas for this would be a glass soap dispenser, natural brushes for pots and pans, a wooden broom, etc. Not only will these give your home a timeless look, but theyImage result for small kitchen storage ideas should outlast your tiny kitchen.
  • Get Creative!
    • Just because your house did not come with all of the luxury items you are accustomed to does not mean you need to suffer! A simple addition to any home that makes a huge difference is a faucet with a pull-down sprayer. This will make cleaning dishes a much easier chore and as long as you swap it out before your lease is over, it will not violate your lease agreement. 
  • Get your own Island!
    • A kitchen island can be one of the best additions to any apartment, especially ones with small kitchens! These can create lots of additional countertop space and storage at the same time. Get one with wheels and now you have a portable table or bar for your next get together!
  • Pick new Lighting
    • Good light can make any space immediately feel much more inviting. If you like to take your time in kitchen and relax while working invest in some warm lighting. If your kitchen is your sanctuary in the morning, invest in some cooler lighting, the kind that mimics a bright sunlit morning. This cooler light is not only beautiful, it also will help to wake you up in the morning!
    • Pro Tip: With modern technology and smart light bulbs you can achieve almost any look with an app on your phone. Some light bulbs even offer you the option to have light in any color of the rainbow.

Image result for temporary wallpaper kitchen

  • Make the Space Yours (Temporarily!)
    • One of the worst thing that comes with most rental units is boring paint that leaves your home with no character. Thankfully there is an easy solution to this that does not involve paint and should leave your walls undamaged. The easiest way to add character is removable wallpaper that comes in any color, pattern, or design you can think of to make the space your own. If you want to keep your costs down pick one wall and make that the focal piece of your kitchen. Large bold patterns will help your space look larger and adding a mirror can make it look even bigger and at the same time adding more light
  • Let your inner decorator out!
    • One way to store kitchen essentials that may not be the easiest to store you can create a display. If there is room above your cabinets this is a perfect place to store larger items such as mixing bowls, pots, pans, bulk food items and more. If you have enough space you can even create a display using what you already have. These are some of the best examples we found:
  • Practice your Green Thumb skills
    • Adding a plant to a small space can make a large improvement in the quality of the air around them, and look great at the same time. If you are limitedPothos, indoor plants, houseplants, the best indoor plants on countertop space and don’t have any room on the floor for a larger plant, invest in a hanging plant. If you are not a green thumb (yet!) there are lots of low maintenance plants such as Pothos, Aloe, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Jade Plant, or a Rubber Tree just to name a few. Not only are these more resilient than most plants, they also all have great air-purifying qualities. Keep in mind that some of these plants can grow quite large so plan accordingly for your space. And last but not least, if you have a pet make sure your new plant is not toxic to your furry friend!


Credit: Callie Little, Zillow Porchlight

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