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5 Reasons People are Denied when trying to Rent a Home

  1. You overestimate what you can afford
    1. No one wants to spend their entire paycheck on rent! That goes without saying so make sure you budget accordingly. This also means factoring in utilities, which can vary widely based on the space you choose. For example, that top floor west facing condo with 12 foot ceilings is going to have a higher utility bill as you will be running your air conditioner to stay cool almost daily, which can push you past your budget much quicker than you anticipated. Make sure that you ask which utilities you will be responsible for and what the anticipated cost will be. If this pushes you closer to the edge of your budget than you are comfortable, KEEP LOOKING!
    2. A landlord will also look at your income as a factor on your likelihood to pay them on time, and as a rule will look for at least 2.5x your monthly income. You must be able to prove your income so keep this in mind when looking! Set a hard number and do not look above that as it often seems enticing to stretch your budget, until you are eating Top Ramen for every meal!
  2. You fail a credit check
    1. This happens more often than you think so if it happens to you don’t get discouraged. The easiest way to avoid this uncomfortable situation is to plan ahead. We recommend checking your credit score at least 6 months before you move so you can fix any issues beforehand. Another option that some landlords may consider is the addition of a cosigner to your lease agreement. That way they landlord knows that they will be paid, and you can have your own place!
  3. You don’t act fast enough
    1. In a competitive rental market like San Diego acting fast can be the difference between getting your dream rental and getting burned. If you like a rental property the chances are so will other equally qualified people. When you find a property that you really like and want to call home, let the person who is showing you the home know and ask about the next steps in securing the home. Make sure to ask about any and all fees associated with an application, security deposit, move in fees, etc. and start to get your funds in order.
  4. Didn’t save enough for your security deposit
    1. Have you ever been surprised by the amount a landlord requests for a security deposit? Don’t worry, we have all been there, but it is better to plan ahead than be surprised. If this is your first time renting, most landlords will ask for an increased deposit, or a cosigner so don’t be offended and plan ahead. Also keep in mind that you will most likely not be able to use your current deposit as you will not receive it in time, so do not count on using that! In California a landlord may charge up to 3 times the monthly rent for a furnished condo, and even more if you have a pet so start saving early.  
  5. You don’t have a completed application
    1. A large part of moving fast when applying for a rental property is having all of the required documentation. Before you even start to look, make sure you are able to provide documentation confirming:
      1. Who you are – Make sure you have a government issued PHOTO ID
      2. How Much you Make – This might be somewhat uncomfortable, but is a very necessary part of any rental application. The easiest way for most professions is providing the landlord with a copy of your two most recent pay stubs, or a tax return showing your income for the year. If you do not receive regular paystubs or are self employed you will need to be more creative. Most landlords will accept a tax return or consecutive months bank statements showing consistent deposits. The more proof you have, the easier you application will be to process!
      3. Where you live & your landlords contact information – All responsible landlords will want a verification from your current landlord that you have been a responsible tenant. Make sure that you can provide the address and contact information for all of the places you have lived over the past 3 years minimum.

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