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Not Just Another “Paint ‘N Drink”

You may have attended one of these … a class where everyone signs up to paint something that’s been selected and advertised in advance – usually some sort of beach scene since we are coastal.  The instructor then guides you through the steps to create your own version of that subject, making it your own ‘masterpiece.’  These classes can be quite fun.  We get to drink wine (or any beverage, adult or otherwise) while learning the finer points of shading, brush techniques and color mixing.  Over the past several years, I have attended at least a dozen of these classes and thought I had had enough.  Until …

I met a talented, funny art instructor and decided to attend one of his classes.  This particular class (and the approach) at Paint ‘N Vineyard was a little different. 

My subject for the class: my Green Wing Macaw

Each of the students was to paint his or her pet: dog, cat, or in my case, a Green Wing Macaw.  We each sent a photograph of our pet in advance of the class, giving Jeff Remmer (instructor/owner) a chance to lightly sketch an outline of our pet on canvas.  I have to say, I was a little worried … Several years ago I attended community education art classes and painted my African Gray parrot, Abu.  It took three classes of three hours each to get it finished so one painting in three hours had me concerned.  I should not have worried.  Jeff pulled it off beautifully.

        A little about your host: 

       Jeff Remmer
       CEO & Chief                 “Paintertainer”

Jeff Remmer has been ‘paintertaining’ at Paint ‘N Vineyard Studios for many years and is now the majority owner and ‘Chief Paintertainer.’  Combining his skills of instruction, technique and humor … Jeff is masterful in convincing those of us who think we are “not artistic” the error of our thinking.  He not only helps us discover and embrace our inner artist, he is funny and entertaining while doing it.

In addition to his normal class schedule, Jeff conducts off-site events for the likes of Marriott, the local Naval bases and fund raisers for worthy causes like Wounded Warriors. He even generously donates his time and talents to various assisted living facilities.  

       .               When Art & Humor Meet…

My recommendation?  Take one of Jeff’s classes and invite your friends.  Better yet, contact him for your very own corporate or fundraising event.  You won’t regret it!

Written by: Arlis W. Travis

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