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Comic-Con is No Laughing Matter … But A Matter of Laughter and Fun!

I recently had the good fortune to show property while San Diego Comic Convention (Comic-Con) was in full swing. Most real estate professionals avoid the downtown San Diego area during the event as approximately 122,000 people attend, flooding the streets, hotels, restaurants and bars. As you might imagine driving and parking become ‘problematic’ and tempers can flare, but all in all I was delightedly surprised to see so many thousands of people walking, dancing, laughing and enjoying the sights, sounds and events.

What is “Comic-Con?”

San Diego Comic-Con International is a non-profit multi-genre entertainment and comic book convention held annually in San Diego, California. The name, as given on its website, is Comic-Con International: San Diego; but it is commonly known simply as Comic-Con or the San Diego Comic-Con or “SDCC.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The weather could not have been more ideal. Cloudy and cool (typical marine layer) in the morning and sunny with blue skies the rest of the day, temperatures hovered in the mid 70s and a soft breeze helped to keep people cool.

Pixie? Not sure …

Crime Fighters Unite!

Spider Men and Ladies!


Great Monster …

Power of She-Ra! … Wonder Woman and … ?











The costumes were amazing! Folks really got into their favorite comic, anime or pop culture icon. I snapped a few pictures to give you an idea. I can only imagine what it looked like inside the convention center. That must have been a sight to behold!


I now understand why so many people attend Comic-Con each year and why San Diego with its ideal setting and weather, is perfect for such a fun event. The good news … Mayor Faulkner announced during Comic-Con that San Diego will continue to host the event until at least 2021. That is great news and I, for one, hope it continues to call San Diego it’s home.

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