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Awesome Self-Defense Class at United States Karate Academy in San Diego

While attending a Stroller Strides class at Kate Sessions Park, I ran into an acquaintance that was providing a self-defense class for a class of first graders. It was Sal Convento, Owner and Chief Instructor of the United States Karate Academy, located in Liberty Station in Point Loma. After his class had wrapped up I went over to say hello and was surprised to learn that he was there providing this class for FREE! Our Stroller Strides’ moms had been talking about taking a self-defense class as a “Mom’s Night Out” event. When I asked Sal if it would be something he would do; he said that he would be happy to do it and that he would provide it to us for free as a public service.

karate academyAbout a month ago, nine other moms and I went to the United States Karate Academy studio where we were provided a very informative and practical self-defense class. He spent about 2 hours with us and we covered a lot of very important material. The majority of the class was a presentation to us and the last half hour or so was practicing actual self-defense moves. It was an eye-opening and very beneficial experience for us all.

Here are some of the key points:

Safety in numbers – it’s always a better idea to have someone with you (especially when you’re out jogging, or out early in the morning or late at night, in parking structures, etc.)

Be Aware of your surroundings – attackers often prey on people who are distracted (on their cell phone, digging in their purse, or are otherwise preoccupied).

Make eye-contact or acknowledge other people (not in an offensive or antagonizing way, but just so that you see their face, could give a description).

Carry Mace or Pepper Spray and if someone is making you uncomfortable tell them “I have Mace, stay back.”

Also carry a whistle – it makes a lot of noise and attracts attention to you, which is what a would-be attacker doesn’t want. *Mace, Pepper spray and whistles only work if you carry them with you at all times – they won’t do you any good if they’re in your car!

If someone is attacking you, scream, yell, do whatever you can to draw attention to yourself – yell words like “fire”

DO NOT leave with that person if they say something like “Get in the car and I won’t hurt you.” Your best chance is right there (scream, kick, fight, do anything to draw attention to yourself); once they have you out of there they are in complete control and your chances of survival are not good.

Use Security personnel, that’s what they are there for – (Mall Security, Security in parking lots, Security in buildings) Ask them to escort you to your car.

If given a choice take the elevator over the stairs, and position yourself next to the control panel (buttons) in the elevator so that you are in a position of control

Enroll in a Martial Arts class so that you can be better prepared if something were to happen.

Sal conventoIn addition to these key points, Sal also showed us ways to physically fight off an attacker and how to protect ourselves. A lot of times attackers will throw their victims to the ground, so he showed us how to fall, protecting our heads to keep from being knocked unconscious and how to defend ourselves once we are on the ground. It was just a mini-demonstration and I know I need a lot more practice, but it was a solid beginning.

I highly recommend contacting Sal Convento at United States Karate Academy to set up your own self-defense class and register for some of his Martial Arts classes. He offers a variety of classes for all ages (toddlers on up). I look forward to enrolling in more classes for our whole family. I am so appreciative and grateful to Sal for taking the time to teach us these vital skills!

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