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East Village San Diego’s Park at the Park

Park at the Park, the public park located just beyond the outfield at the Padres’ Petco Park is such a great component of the East Village neighborhood. The park is surrounded by Petco Park Condos and commercial buildings with ground floor restaurants, cafes, wine bars & pubs.  Park at the Park is open daily from dawn until dusk, however it is closed 3 hours prior to all home games and doesn’t usually open on the day of 1pm games.

tony gwynn


Highlights at the park include a large grassy knoll, a baseball player statue that pays tribute to Tony Gwynn, a fantastic mini baseball diamond for children and a playground area that is perfect for the little ones ages 2 to 7.

Petco Park’s Park at the Park

I start the morning off with walking my dog and we frequently visit the park so he can run around leash free with all of his K-9 friends. Although it is not officially a leash free park, the security guards do generally allow it in the early morning and late evening. With so many dogs in East Village, it serves as a much needed dog park and gives neighbors a good opportunity to meet each other.

Petco Park Diamond

For children, the baseball diamond is so much fun. I’ve been running the bases with my 19-month-old son for the last 2 months and he loves it. We just bought him a t-ball set and he was laying down some mean bunts today, but it won’t be long before he’s ripping them out of the mini park.

It is always touching to see parents and their kids playing in the diamond and hearing the kids’ laughter just brings a contagious smile.

 I have to say this was public funding well spent and we need more parks like it.


For families, Park at the Park hosts the Padres away games on the big screen so you can bring the entire family out to lay out a blanket and some chairs and watch the away game in the spirit of being “at the park”. It is really fun and with San Diego’s great weather, it is a great experience. They even have vendors that sell hot dogs and ballpark food so it is as real as the experience can get for an away game.

Kids also enjoy the sandbox where they can play in huge sandy area with all sorts of beach toys.  This area is located between center and right fields just on the other side of the home run fence.  Sorry moms and dads, you have to sit on the sidelines as there are no adults allowed. 

Petco Park Sandbox 

For the big kids, that would be most of you that would be reading this blog post, there are a number of adult entertainment venues in the immediate area. There is billiards and shuffle board at The Tilted Kilt, a great wine selection at Wine Steals, a wide variety of brews at Proper Pub and over 200 tequilas at El Vitral.  All of these restaurant/bars offer phenomenal happy hour specials and are lively with the spirit of the game.

Wine Steals

Petco Park Condos

It’s fun to walk around Park at the Park and feel all of the positive energy. You can see the 7th floor deck at The Legend condos with fun parties and gatherings as well as groups of people BBQing and hanging out on their balconies. You can see people racing along in the outdoor deck spinning class at Fit Gym or enjoying a bite up on the View Deck of Proper. You can see the business people of the neighborhood enjoying some lunch time sunshine with a to-go lunch in the park. There is such a spirit of vibrancy in the East Village neighborhood that it is fun, fun, fun!!

It’s amazing because with today’s economy you can buy a condo within 2 blocks of Petco Park for as little as $175,000.  With current low interest rates, almost anybody could afford to have a vacation getaway Petco Park condo for the entire family to enjoy.  Sometimes dreams can come true…

The Legend Condos

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