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Little Italy Festa

I had the pleasurable experience of going to the Festa in Little Italy on Sunday Afternoon.  It seemed they had a little bit of everything  and a whole lot of fun going on there.There was Italian music floating through the air , which I enjoyed very much.  It reminded me of my Italian uncle and when I was a child.  Speaking of children, there was an area with games they could play to win prizes( or maybe a dad could win for them) such as toss the ping pong ball into the fish bowl.  If you win, you get to take the fish home in a plastic baggie.  Of course they had stuffed animals to and another booth where you had sto toss a ball and knock the milk cans over.

San Diego Festa

It was nice to see so many happy faces as we walked along India Street.  There were couples holding hands, families strolling their children thru the crowds.  There was definately something for everyone.There were bands playing Italian music there was a man walking around with an accordion playing music, it was great.  As the live music continued to drift thru the air from their various stages, the smells of the wonderful foods kept beckoning me to eat. 

I could even smell the lemonade from the stands they had.  In addition, their were pastas, sausages, pizzas and of course Italian Ices and baked goods for dessert.  And for the more mature there was the beer and wine garden.  If your really hungry  you can go for” the Big Cannoli” eating contest.  I sure felt hungry enough!  There was chalk art, elephant art, various sports cars and motor cycles on display to look at. 

Festa Little Italy San Diego

For Sale: Bead wear,  T shirts, Boutique type clothing; jewlery, pottery, photography etc.  Like I said, something for everyone.

Of course the weather was perfect, we are in San Diego.  If you missed this years Festa, come next year to check out what’s  happening in Little Italy.  You can go to Little Italy San Diego.com and get info for next year.   But let me tell you, downtown San Diego is a great place to live and play and enjoy San Diego’s Festa in Little Italy.

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