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The Urban Trees Bloom Year Round in San Diego

One of the most notable areas of San Diego is without a doubt the iconic Embarcadero on Harbor Drive. When I think about our city, I can see the blue water hitting the base of the docks as the yachts and sail boats bobble to and fro. Recently I decided to make a trip to the Columbia District and took a stroll where the water meets the concrete. As I traveled down the Embarcadero walk way, about every 30 feet I noticed these large sculptures (they were hard to miss) sprouting out of large concrete flower pots.

San Diego Embarcadero on Harbor Drive Sprouting with Art

The Urban Trees make up a public art display which started in 2003. Every year the Port’s Public Art committee has local artists submit their ideas for the sculptors, and 30 of them get selected to be brought to the Embarcadero for a year of display. Each tree is unique in expression; some of them are funny displays of witty wordplay while some of them are indicative of the artists’ hope for social change.

The colors and whimsical construction of the trees are so captivating, I found myself forgetting the scenery around me. It was as if the ocean behind these amazing sculptures had disappeared as I examined them intently looking for their stories.

The San Diego Harbor has a lot to offer from artistic exhibits to ferry rides along the coast. However, if you’re looking for a fun excursionwith no real time or cost commitment, taking a stroll down the Embarcadero to look at some modern art may just be your slice of pie. Gather some friends or your family and head out towards the water!

Explore the San Diego Waterfront from Beyond the Shore

There are many things you can do at the harbor in addition to your art exploration.

One of the most historical exhibits is located just south of the Urban Tree Line. The USS Midway Aircraft Carrieris docked just off shore and is available for daily tours. Relive history at your fingertips as you take a walk through this monumental vessel.

You could also visit the Maritime Museum. This exploration takes you through the history of San Diego’s harbor with a fabulous collection of historic ships, including the Star of India. (You can even book a over night stay on board!)

Last but certainly not least, take a trip on theCorodano Ferry. At only $3.75 for adults and a FREE ride for kids, this amazing tour runs hourly from the San Diego Harbor to the Coronado Ferry Landing and explore everything the island has to offer from water activities to fine dining; Coronado has something for the whole family!

All of these great sights, in addition to San Diego’s Urban Trees, are a great way to satisfy every one’s interest and even keep the little ones entertained! Grab your camera, some sunscreen and head out. Land Ho!

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