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San Diego Seaport Village

Seaport Village

There’s nothing like showing downtown condominiums to clients on a beautiful hot sunny November day and stopping by the San Diego Pier Cafe for a refreshing glass of ice tea and a great seafood salad.  What a way to recharge your day.  The San Diego Pier Cafe has interesting speciality drinks, good food and prompt service.  Does one ever get tired of walking around Seaport Village enjoying the sun, fresh salt air and scenic views of the San Diego Bay?

The laughs and screams of the children on the Merri go round, the musicians playing their instruments and watching grandparents dancing with their grand children all make for a wonderful atmosphere.   The smiles and joyful looks on the faces of visitors to San Diego.  What away to relax and refuel.   

Walking thru Seaport Village , one can smell “Ye Olde” ice cream shop dishing up their specialities, the smell of fresh hot coffee brewing and the aromas of food being prepared in the food court.

 Seaport Village San Diego

Seaport Village is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon walking through the many shops & boutiques.  There is a wonderful t-shirt shop and a fantastic hat shop.  One could spend hours between the two looking at various aparel and hats.

I love walking along the ponds watching children feed the ducks and make wishes as they toss coins into the fountain.  Watching young couples as they walk hand in hand brings back the days of romance.

Speaking of shops, one of my favorite places is an art studio;  Wylands Art Studio has a fantastic display of underwater paintings, sculptures and furniture (coffee tables, end tables, centerpieces etc).  One of their novely items are their beautiful surfboards with underwater scenes painted on them. 

 From time to time, the artist visits the studio to give painting demonstrations to those who are interested.  This fabulous art studio is a must visit!

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