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Where is the BEST Breakfast in Downtown San Diego?

Where is the BEST breakfast place in Downtown San Diego? I’m asking. I have been to several breakfast establishments in Downtown San Diego, some of which have been good, but I really want to know which is the best. Here are a few I’ve been to and how my experience was at each one, and I’d love your recommendations!

Zanzibar, located on the corner of 7th and G Streets in East Village,  has great atmosphere, good coffee and pretty good food. I’ve only been once and plan to return again, but won’t order what I got last time. I ordered the farmer’s scramble, which only had sausage and red onion scrambled into the eggs and it just seemed like it was lacking – cheese and more veggies would have made it better. But the quality of food was such that I will give it another try and order something else.

The Mission located on the corner of 12th and J in a cute yellow, two-story house in East Village, is probably my favorite so far. I love the Mission French toast, it is probably the best French toast I have ever had. It is so good that I almost always over-eat and end up with a Thanksgiving-like stomachache! I also really like their simple Mission Rosemary – crispy rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, sautéed tomatoes and grilled rosemary bread. I’ve had various types of pancakes too, which were all great! I’ve been there more than any other breakfast place in Downtown San Diego!

The Broken Yolk, located on 6th Avenue between J and K Streets on the edge of Gaslamp,  is another popular choice, but not one I was very impressed with. I will say, I did go shortly after it opened so they may just have been working through the kinks of a new restaurant, but I wasn’t overly impressed and haven’t been back. The portions were huge, but the quality was mediocre, about a step up from Denny’s. I’m curious if others have had better experiences, if so, I might give it another try.

Richard Walker’s Pancake House, located on Front Street between Market and Island Streets right next to the New Children’s Museum at the base of Pinnacle seems to be popular based upon the long line I see out the front door. They don’t take reservations, so you literally stand in line until you reach the front and then you are the next ones to be seated. It’s not very big inside and also has a small patio out front, but the table turnover is pretty quick. We ate there once about two years ago and I remember that the food was pretty good, but my husband isn’t one for lines so we haven’t been back. I have to say I am intrigued by the “From the Ovens of Brittany” section of the menu, which says to allow 20 minutes for preparation, the Baked Cinnamon Pecan Pancake sounds pretty amazing!

Café 222, located on the corner of 2nd and Island Street in the Marina District was raved about so I had to go check it out – I went specifically for the pumpkin pancakes.  We went on a weekend so we had to wait quite a while for a table, which is usually a sign of a popular choice.  Maybe my expectations were too high based on all the hype, but I wasn’t overly impressed and when we got the check it was noticeably higher than other breakfasts we have enjoyed at other places.  That was over a year ago and we haven’t been back.

Brian’s 24, located on 6th Avenue between E and F Streets in Gaslamp, is probably one of the most talked about breakfast places in Downtown San Diego.  We recently went there to check it out and it was a bustling place.  It is located at the Ramada Inn so it gets a steady flow of hotel guests and locals alike.  I ordered a Denver Omelet with pancakes and it was really good – a lot of food though!  They advertise the best pancakes in Downtown San Diego or they’re FREE!  I was a little surprised that a cup of their house coffee was over $3! 

Sogno DiVino, located on India Street between Cedar and Date Streets in Little Italy, serves the most amazing Tiramisu pancakes and has an equally unique pesto omelet.  It’s definitely my favorite sit-down breakfast restaurant in Little Italy.

Well, I’ve told you mine, now please share yours!  Who do you think has the BEST breakfast in San Diego?  And what dish(es) do you recommend?  If you disagree with my take on one of the restaurants above, please share that as well and don’t forget to say what you like there so I can try it next time.  Thank you for your input!

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