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Downtown San Diego Lofts

Lofts Downtown San Diego

There is quite a limited selection of lofts in Downtown San Diego.  However, recently a significant number of  these condos have come to the market.  It also seems that a more diverse group of buyers is seeking these spaces.

Let’s start by defining Downtown San Diego loft condos.  Features that characterize lofts are high ceilings, exposed brick or concrete, duct work and pipes.  Single level flats are considered lofts, although many San Diego lofts also have a second floor bedroom. 

In some cases, homeowners moved into lofts with walls only for kitchens and bathrooms.  Movable walls and screens often define space in these lofts.  In others, developers “built out” bedrooms and living spaces to the buyer’s specs.  In the resale market there is quite a variety of interior finishes among downtown lofts.

Unlike New York, Chicago and other urban real estate markets, very few of Downtown San Diego lofts are in converted warehouses and factories.  Most San Diego lofts are in 21st century buildings that offered large open spaces. 

San Diego loft condos recently listed

This week  two noteworthy lofts were listed.  The first is the classic urban home of the genre.  Cityfront Terrace is a landmark residential building on Market and Harbor Drive with over 320 units. 

The core of the condo community is the historic “Citrus Soap Factory” built in the 1920s.  There are a handful of true loft condos in the Soap Factory that feature exposed, century old wood beams and red brick.  It is a rare combination of thoughtful interior space, natural light and open to protected outdoor spaces.  One came to the market today.  All on the main floor and located in San Diego’s urban core.  It’s unexpected to find such a home located in the heart of the Marina District.

Also noteworthy is a large penthouse Downtown loft condo at Parkloft.  There are many features found in this residence that make it distinctive; from a 20 foot water feature in the living room, to a patio that is over 60 feet long! 

With over 2,200 sf of living space, it is one of the largest Downtown San Diego lofts.  It is a property that was recently foreclosed, and is selling for less than 33% of the sum of mortgages on the property!  The finishes, from flooring to exquisite bathrooms, are at the highest levels found in any lofts.

Other San Diego Loft Condos

San Diego’s East Village Neighborhood contains most of the downtown loft condos.   In addition to Parkloft, M2i (from Market Street to Island Ave.) is a 230 unit loft building.  Also across the street from Petco Park,  the 4 buildings of Icon includes several loft areas.  Some are work/live, others open spaces providing numerous possibilities. 

Moving into Little Italy, Citymark Development built another of their distinctive loft buildings at Doma.  With high ceilings and some fabulous Bay views, Doma provides great loft living.  A surprising loft location a bit further south is 350 West Ash.   Street level provides some terrific work/live space, while above the multilevel parking garage is a highrise loft building. 

One of the individuals whose involement in Downtown development is most noteworthy in a discussion of loft living is Jonathan Segal.  Segal is a highly regarded architect who has partnered in a handful of Downtown San Diego loft projects.  Now branded as Metro Lofts, these are found throughout East Village and Little Italy.

Check out San Diego loft living

The lifestyle in San Diego’s loft neighborhoods is active and fast paced.  You’ll find yourself near nightlife, restaurants and hotels.  Most loft buildings have limited amenities–a gym, maybe a rooftop garden, but no swimming pools.  You can expect some of downotown’s lowest HOAs in the lofts.

Give me a call to check out this style of San Diego living.  Not only is it a great lifestyle, but there are some terrific financial opportunities.   Let’s have a conversation about San Diego loft living.

david.manes@welcometosandiego.com  or call 858-432-3203

Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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