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New Waterfront Park Downtown

Ruocco Park…

is the new 3.3 acre Waterfront Park that construction is set to begin next month.  Ruocco park will be located where the current Seafood Mart parking lot sits on the on the south west side of the street where Harbor Dr and Pacific Highway meet.   The site of the park consists of a parking lot and part of an old building that is set to be demolished.

Ruocco Park will be an interactive public space that combines landscape, hardscape, waterscape and art design to create a delighful addition to the San Diego Bay

New Development Downtown San Diego

The project is a great example of development through a public and private partnership.  In this case, the Port of San Diego and  Lloyd and Ilse Ruocco Fund administered by The San Diego Foundation are funding the project.  The project is set to be complete in late 2012.

It’s great to see all the plans to transform the multitude of asphalt on the western waterfront to beautiful green open public spaces.  With Ruocco Park, the North Embarcadero Visionary plan and the County Administration Park, Downtown  San Diego’s waterfront is sure to be a jewel for years to come.

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