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Car 2 Go

Electric Car Rentals- Downtown San Diego

A fantastic new concept launched this week in Downtown San Diego called Car 2 Go, offering Electric Rental Cars to local residents and visitors. 

This is not your ordinary rental car, it is a all Electric Plug-In Smart Car that you pay only for the time that you use the vehicle.

Going Green in Downtown San Diego

It’s obvious that the concept of driving an electric rental car as an alternative to gas fueled vehicles is the “greener approach” to transportation, but Car2Go San Diego brings it to a new level.   The idea of only paying for the amount of time that you use the vehicle could actually be a “game changer” for urban commuters who only need to drive on occasions and then rely on public transportation for longer commutes.

Pay As You Go Car Rental

Car2Go San Diego is a  free floating concept that means there is no return time and no designated return location. When you’re done, simply park the car back within the operating area and the car2go service team takes care of the rest!

 Recharging, cleaning, roadside assistance, GPS navigation, insurance, parking and many other services are all included in the affordable rental price, and best of all, when you park in an over 30 minute metered parking spot in Downtown, the Electric Smart Car is exempt from having to pay for the parking meter!!!!

 Car2Go is just what it sounds like: a car to go.

I was so impressed when I was approached with the concept by the company’s San Diego Marketing Director, that I suggested adding this as a significant stop on the East Village leg of our Downtown Lifestyle and Real Estate Tours

As a downtown resident, I can truly see this as a successful business model.  Not only is a fun car to drive, it is relatively inexpensive.

Car2Go Pricing

The Car2Go Electric Plug-In Rental Car is a convenient and economical way to get around town.  Because the cars have geolocation, you can actually download an application on your Smart Phone that will tell you exactly where the available vehicles are in your proximity.  Sounds expensive, right?


The Car2Go all-inclusive fee structure is as follows:

.35/ Minute

$13.00 Per Hour

$66.00 Per Day

 To learn more about Car2Go and how it works, simply watch the embedded video below:

To find out more information, email Car2Go at sandiego@car2go.com, call them at 877-488-4224 or stop by at 633 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101!


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  1. Malc and I checked this out last time we were in town, we came across it by accident in Balboa Park and I looked it up online when we got back. What a fantastic idea! It means when we can fly into town and not hire a regular rental car but use this system instead as and when we need it! It’s such a good idea and really needed.

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