Welcome to San Diego Blog | November 22, 2011

Downtown San Diego Tours

Welcome to San Diego Real Estate just announced a new division offering Real Estate and Lifestyle Tours for Downtown San Diego neighborhoods.  The tours set out to give people a glimpse of the day in the life of a downtown resident.

Real Estate and Lifestyle Tours

The founder of San Diego Real Estate and Lifestyle Tours, Chad Dannecker, says, “people are really interested in embracing urban living and a green lifestyle, but many people just don’t understand what that means.”  We are giving people a taste of what it might be like to downsize both in living space and number of vehicles and upgrade the amenities in their lives.

Downtown living really makes the city neighborhood your back yard and the best part is that you don’t have to take care of everything as you might in a single family home.  This means no more mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool or worrying about the rain flooding your yard.  You simplify your life and add more options with less challenge to get to those options.

Upgrade your lifestyle

No more hopping in the car to drive 15-30 minutes to get to a great restaurant where you will have to worry about having 2 glasses of wine for fear of getting a DUI on the way home.  The new problem becomes deciding where to go for happy hour because there are so many great options.  Dining, entertainment, the bay, sunset walks, wine bars, the symphony, music venues and more all at your fingertips.

East Village Walking Tour

The first Downtown San Diego tours, East Village Real Estate & Lifestyle Tour, kicked off this past Saturday 11/19 and was a complete success.  Local residents and downtown San Diego Real Estate Experts David Manes and Brent Cole worked as tour guides ie- lifestyle concierges offering up great insight into local culture, heritage, development, entertainment and of course, downtown properties.

Tour patrons enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of Petco Park, visited 3 different condo properties, tasted specialty dishes at 2 different restaurants, explored 2 specialty shops and discovered the future vision of the East Village neighborhood.

This tour is for people that aren’t sure if they would like living downtown.  It’s a non sales approach to showcasing a great lifestyle and is aimed at letting people see if it is something for them.

We also had current downtown residents attend and they said that they loved the experience of getting a guided tour through their own neighborhood.  If this sounds like fun to you, book your tour now.


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