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Green Condo Buildings

Downtown San Diego

Are you looking for a Green Downtown San Diego Condo?   The term “Green” is a loosely used term these days, but as the movement for sustainability in architectural design becomes more popular, this trend is making its way into consideration for real estate buyers, and rightfully so…

Not only is it trendy to be GREEN, but the desire to live in a  low carbon footprint building is a trend that will continue to rise.

Although there are very few residential buildings that are actually LEED Certified as “Green”, we are seeing newer builders embrace this notion as a lifestyle preference that is being heavily marketed.  Of the newest built communities in Downtown San Diego, only the newest of residential rental towers such as Strata Luxury Apartments, Current Luxury Apartments, and Jonathan Segal’s Q Building.   These newer residential rental properties have gone through the certification process though the USGBC, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some other Downtown Buildings that are notable as being “GREEN”. 

Adaptive Re-Use Buildings San Diego

The term Adaptive Re-Use Architecture refers to the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than which it was built or designed for.  In the context of Downtown San Diego, there are two buildings that fall in to this specific category:  350 West Ash and Solara Lofts.

350 West Ash Condos

350 West Ash San Diego is a 76-unit condominium complex located in the Little Italy Neighborhood of Downtown.  350 West Ash was originally built as an office building and sits atop a 5-story parking structure.  B&H Development gutted the interior and re-built and completed this great complex in 2005.  

Search for Condos for Sale at 350 West Ash.

Solara Lofts San Diego

Solara Lofts is another adaptive re-use mid-rise building located in the foothill of the Cortez Hill Neighborhood.  This building was originally built as a type-1 office structure and then gutted and rehabbed by Skandia Construction, and completed in 2007. 

The 77 condominiums in this building are unique in that they are open floorplans with opportunity to have custom walls or built-ins added to the units during the sales process, as the property was delivered and developed by Skandia.  This boutique mid-rise has some of the original commercial charm to its design, and Skandia even kept the original racquetball court as one of the communities unique amenities.

To learn more about Solara Lofts Condos For Sale, click the highlighted link.

San Diego should be at the forefront of green development, as we have sunny weather and a shortage of water. 

Today, there are no buildings currently being built in Downtown San Diego; however, in the foreseeable future, you can bet that builders will be focusing on Green Building as it makes sense to the consumer as well as the builder.  Applications in developing sustainable properties will  become the “norm” in tomorrow’s urban homes.  To what extent, we will have to see…

One thing is for certain, GREEN Buildings are here to stay!

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