Welcome to San Diego Blog | December 22, 2011

Welcome to San Diego

Thinking about my last blog of the year, it kind of comes across as that Holiday newsletter that some families send, talking about all of the things family members accomplished in the past 12 months.  The messages often come across as a parent’s pride in the accomplishments of family members.

That’s the way I feel about Welcome to San Diego.  2011 has been an amazing year of evolution and growth.  This in spite of economic challenges that have completely changed the look and feel of many real estate offices in downtown San Diego.  At the start of 2011, welcometosandiego.com was the name of a website.  Now it’s the name and mission of a business.

We’re a small team of people who live and work in Downtown San Diego.  We are all passionate about sharing the culture and lifestyle that we enjoy in our daily lives.  It seems completely natural that our business is called Welcome to San Diego.  That’s the message that we’re communicating to all of our clients–whether they’re from the area or live across time zones or oceans.

Boutique Downtown Real Estate Office

A real commitment to Downtown San Diego is one of the defining factors for Welcome to San Diego.  It’s not that we lead narrow lives and don’t get out much.  It’s just that we work, reside, shop, eat, attend concerts, cultural events and lead our lives here.

It has been so refreshing to see my role as a Realtor evolve to acting as a “Downtown Concierge.”  From our first meeting, my clients and I talk about the neighborhoods and the style of living that they might expect in each building and location.  We talk about everything from restaurants to Dog Parks, shopping and transportation.

In the coming year, we are expanding our commitment in defining the “Downtown Experience” with the inclusion of more neighborhoods in our Saturday afternoon Real Estate & Lifestyle ToursSan Diego Lifestyle and Real Estate Tours will include visits to favorite neighborhood restaurants, coffee or wine shops and at least 3 properties.  We show everything from multi-million dollar penthouses to foreclosed investment properties.

Welcome to San Diego People

The concept for Welcome to San Diego began with the vision of Chad Dannecker.  Chad is truly a visionary business man and marketer.  His passion for Downtown life and creating meaningful client relationships is the driving force behind the business.  His mantra is, we don”t sell condo “boxes,” we sell the lifestyle that people can experience from their home in Downtown San Diego.

With his wife, Heather and two young sons living in a large East Village loft, Chad is completely engaged in Downtown life.  He serves on many boards and is at the center of shaping Downtown’s future.

Brent Cole joined the team early in 2011.  He’s a lifetime resident of San Diego and a Downtowner for nearly a decade.  Brent was integral in converting East Village San Diego from a warehouse district, to a vital neighborhood and the area of the most condo growth in all of San Diego.

After Erica Cole sold the last of the new construction penthouses (at The Mark) and completed her work selling new homes, she joined the Welcome to San Diego team.

The newest addition to our group, Margaret Irving, brings a joy for life and passion for people that brightens a room.  Margaret and her husband Tim have lived and experienced San Diego, from Coronado to Oceanside.

The conclusion to all of this rambling

This is a very extraordinary business model, made of people of exceptional character.  I love coming to work every day!  And we truly do help people  enjoy living in San Diego.

I’m the “newbie” on the team to Downtown Living.  I arrived three years ago and wanted to experience city life.  Now I live in a great Little Italy condo, shop for fresh ingredients at The Mercato on Saturday mornings and know the menus by heart at some of the best Italian restaurants in San Diego (if you’ve read this far, check out Davanti Enoteca).

I have found that the Welcome to San Diego process has helped me establish such great relationships with my clients that we are great friends and are often together for Downtown life.

I’m thankful to be a part of such a great group of people, committed to showing what a wonderful life we enjoy in San Diego.  I am grateful for the privelege of helping  clients find homes.  And truly look forward to whatever 2012 brings.

Happiness and peace to you all.

Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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