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Bike to work day

San Diego will celebrate Ride Your Bike to Work Day on Friday May 18.  Bike to Work Day is a nationally recognized event celebrated  annually on the third Friday in May.

And because May is National Bike Month,  San Diegans will have opportunities to participate in cycling activities all  month long! Bike to Work 2012 supports bicycling as a viable, environmentally  friendly, cost-saving commute choice.

Bike to Work Day in San Diego is suported and sponsored by a broad group of sponsors and organizers.  More than 25 bike shops are involved in safety checking and tuning bicycles for riders.

You can head over to Balboa  Park on Saturday, May 12 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. for Tune-Up Time. Tune-Up  Time is at 6th Avenue in between Laurel Street and Juniper Road.

In 2011 over 5,000 riders registered and participated.

Bike to Work Day WTSD!!!

The Welcome to San Diego Team has made every day Bike to Work Day!

Living and working in Downtown as we do, bicycles become our preferred method of transportation.  It’s a matter of convenience and expedience.

Living in Downtown condos within a dozen blocks of the office, the option of driving to work and finding a parking place (or renting one on a monthly basis) is time consuming.  The nearest monthly parking is in a ramp at Horton Plaza or at street level several blocks away.

Prices for monthly parking range from $140-200 just to be in the neighborhood.  Lauryn Otten, our marketing manager who lives in the suburbs, has found $70/month parking near Petco Park, and then walks 10-15 minutes to work.

Condo living and bicycle commuting

The downtown lifestyle is incredibly conducive to bicycle commuting.  Most downtown condos have bike storage rooms.  When doing a property visit with us, ask for a look at bike storage.

We’ve found that living within a dozen blocks of work, as Chad, Brent and I do, that bicycling takes half the time of driving, parking and walking to work.  We’ve also found that the $52 accidental mishaps with the San Diego meter maids are no longer a risk.

The next time you see a “guy in a tie” riding a bike through the Marina District, Little Italy or East Village, check out if it’s one of the Welcome to San Diego guys.


Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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