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Super Jr. Market

Grocery Store Downtown San Diego

There is a hidden jewel located in the East Village Neighborhood, that may be one of the best kept secrets in all of Downtown….

The Super Jr. Market located just North of Broadway at 1036 7th Ave San Diego, CA 92101 and was established long before most of us have even thought of making Downtown San Diego our home.  Established in 1977, The Super Jr. Market has been a conventional grocery store to Downtown patrons for several decades.

This 10,000 sq ft grocery store utilizes its upstairs 5,000 sq ft retail level for consumers, and the sub-level 5,000 as a warehouse and operations for their catering business called:  In The Market Catering.  Super Jr. Market is your basic mom & pop urban grocery store, however, their prices are very reasonable compared to the two larger chain grocers located in Downtown.  By securing their position in Downtown San Diego over 35 years ago has allowed Super Jr. Market to offer very competitive prices to its consumers.

When entering Super Jr. Market, I was a little underwhelmed…. Until I saw the beer selection!  Located within the Super Jr. Market is “The Best Damn Beer Shop.”  Literally.

The Best Damn Beer Shop- Downtown San Diego

Ok, so this story sounds great and all, but I have to confess that a fellow craft beer “afficionato” tipped me onto Super Jr. Market.  I am disapointed to confess that until last week, I hadn’t explored  Super Jr. Markets unbelievable craft beer and wine selections.  With over 1,000 Craft Beer Selections to choose from, needless to say, my short visit into this little mom & pop grocery store, turned into a full blown kid in a candy store adventure!

For those who appreciate Craft Beer & Wine, there is absolutely no doubt, the place to go is The Best Damn Beer Shop…. Period!

The Best Damn Beer Shop= Disneyland for Craft Beer Lovers!

I just could not believe my eyes, as there were so many names and flavors that I never even knew existed.  It was a little overwhelming.  I must have expressed my confussed look as a friendly face came up to me and asked if I needed any help.  Of course I gladly asked his advice on what to purchase.

Sid Mikhial, a super nice guy, who was an obvious expert in the craft beer department, and happened to be the store manager.  He said that in making his selections for the store, he is very picky, and they go directly to the consumers with quarterly tastings at various locations to get feedback on which brands Super Jr. Market will carry.  I thought this process to be pretty impressive.

Needless to say, I had to stock up with some of my favorites.

The Best Damn Beer Shop doesn’t stop at stocking an unbelievable array of quality beer and win choices, they are also Downtowns only Home Brew Shop.  They carry all of the supplies necessary to brew your favorite brew selections right at home.

But wait:  Big changes are on the horizon for Super Jr. Market…

Rumor has it Super Jr. will be upgrading to Downtown’s first Natural & Organic Specialty Grocery Store!

Ok, so one of the best kept secrets is about to get a lot of attention…

Natural and Organic Grocery Store- Downtown San Diego

This is extremely exciting news to Downtown residents, and this little secret was leaked out to me by a reputable, but undisclosed source.  This same source said he will be providing updates as they come, infact, I expect to have a part II article as details unfold on this exciting topic.

The source did tell me that their focus will be on high quality natural & organic foods without the high prices of established grocers such as Whole Foods.  He also said that they will have a great selection of prepared foods and specialty items like you would see in a Trader Joes.  If this is the case, I would anticipate this hidden jewel to hit the mainstream to Downtown patrons real quick!  As a Downtown resident, I can tell you first hand, consumers will flock to this little gem.

I highly recommend that you stop by and check out Super Jr. & stay tuned for more updates to follow regarding the exciting changes that are expected to happy by this coming July!

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