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HOA Fees in Downtown San Diego Condos

Recently, while searching for homes in an area outside of downtown, San Diego, I wanted to find out if HOA fees covered a home’s septic tank on a large piece of land in a planned unit development. Particularly, I needed to know if the dues covered maintenance on the septic tank. This was important information for my client as septic tanks can be very costly. As it turns out, the septic tank was not covered. It’s unusual to find homeowner’s associations in rural properties, but virtually all downtown condominiums have them.

I am sure buyers interested in downtown, San Diego condos searching for homes would like to know how HOA fees are spent, and for what they provide as they are a factor of one’s monthly savings and/or expenses.

Fees differ among residential buildings because of varying amenities and services, and range from $175 – $1700 per month. There are a handful of buildings on both sides of this price range, however, most fall between $400 and $800 per month.

HOA Fees cover Amenities and Household Expenses

Typically, in downtown San Diego, HOA dues cover building and roof maintenance, common area landscaping, hot water, gas, trash pick-up, security, sewer, and upkeep of resident amenities. Resident amenities may include any one of the following but differ among buildings: a swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, steam room, security, concierge, community room, sauna, parking, valet parking, and cable TV services. Generally, dues are higher in buildings that provide a greater number of services and amenities.

The Palermo complex in Little Italy is unique, and popular because of its many amenities and moderate HOA dues; a 2-bedroom unit in Palermo pays $290-$300 per month and includes a swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, community room, secure parking, trash pick-up, sewer and common area maintenance.

Lusso Lofts and Moto Villas are at the lower end of the range at $178-$200 per month with no amenities and HOA fees covering common area maintenance. The Meridian and The Metropolitan are at the higher end of this price range at $1,100-1,700 per month with Meridian amenities including parking attendants and doormen, and The Metropolitan having maid and room service.

Marina Park and Smart Corner include cable TV services as part of their HOA dues. Smart Corner’s high tech security system is connected to the cable TV service where homeowners’ can view the common area entrance from their television screen, and permit guests to enter the building from their television remote.

Above and Beyond – HOA Dues cover additional luxuries

Acqua Vista offers valet parking, a mandatory service at no extra charge. Tipping is not permitted.

Electra, Pinnacle, and The Grande provide concierge service, offering residents’ assistance with dry-cleaning, transportation, receiving packages, and welcoming guests. HOA fees in these buildings range from $725 to $900+ per month depending on square footage.

If you’re searching downtown condos, and want to know what services and amenities are included in HOA fees, please feel free to give me a call (619) 246-8400.

Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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