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Rei do Gado

Brazilian Steak House- San Diego

I have often walked by Rei do Gado-Brazilian Grill wanting to give it a try out of curiosity.  I had heard many great things, so I finally walked over there for lunch, and I wasn’t disappointed!  The food was fantastic, and it kept on coming until I couldn’t take another bite…

Next time I’ll remember to wear elastic waistband pants!

Upon entering the restaurant, I was welcomed by one of the friendly associates who explained the menu and how it worked.  Basically the lunch menu offers an elaborate soup &  salad bar that featured some ethnic items like marinated vegetables, and feijoada, a black bean soup that I found to be particularly delicious.

The waiter suggested that I grab an extra plate because the servers come around to your table with a variety of about 15 types of meats and hand carve them for you at your table.   Let me tell you, I made good use of the extra plate!

Some of the stand out meats that I enjoyed were the bacon wrapped fillet mignon, Presunto e abacaxi ( ham and pineapple with cinnamon), Coxa de frango ( boneless chicken with cheese), and Linguica (hand made pork sausage).  Everything I tried was delicious, and for $19.50 per person lunch price (11am-2:00pm), you really can’t beat it.  I certainly didn’t need to eat dinner after stuffing myself!

The churasco (Brazilian Barbeque) is a traditional feast that has been celebrated in Brazil for centuries.   It is a unique and healthy way of roasting meat over a mesquite flame that preserves tenderness, and gives it a distinctive and incredible flavor.

I hear that the dinner menu is even more extensive, with crab legs, and other seafood dishes.  Dinners are served after 4:00pm and they range from $42-$48.00 per person, depending on what day you choose to dine.

I was very pleased with my visit, and of course wondered why I hadn’t explored this South American cuisine sooner.

The fact that they had a Jackalope mounted on the wall, warmed my heart as well…

I will certainly be back!

Rei do Gado

939 Fourth Ave (Across from Horton Plaza)

619 702-8464

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