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Old San Diego Police Headquarters

The Old San Diego Police Headquarters, located on the south side of downtown and adjacent San Diego Bay, is the site of an exciting new re-development project.  Currently dilapidated, overgrown, and out of commission since 1987, the Old Police Headquarters is destined for renovation, and will be re-invented as a garden-like venue for dining, shopping, strolling, and special events.

Old Police Headquarters a Historic Landmark

A designated historical landmark, the Old Police Headquarters will retain historical elements of the original structure and low-rise design, while being transformed into an upscale extension of Seaport Village.   This new venue will be a place where residents and visitors can spend an afternoon enjoying San Diego’s sunny, warm weather by the waterfront, perusing art and designer fashions, and savoring gourmet fare.  The plan calls for “adaptively” restoring and utilizing the existing structure and incorporating native resources in the surroundings. Key features include a new facade, new roof, fountains and walkways lined with trees and colorful landscaping, retail space, restaurants, and outdoor cafes.  Completion is projected for October 2013.

The original landmark resembles Spanish Colonial architecture, similar to a Spanish fortress, and was modeled after the nearby buildings of Balboa Park.  It was built in 1939 as San Diego’s first exclusive police headquarter, and was considered at that time to be a modern 100,000 square foot public masterpiece that included a jail, courtroom, shooting range, hospital, and automotive maintenance garage.

Headquarters at Seaport District

The Old Police Headquarters will be known by a stylish new name, the Headquarters at Seaport District.  If your’e considering an investment in San Diego condos, you might want to look into the Park Place development situated directly across from this posh new attraction, with many units having desirable views of the Headquarters and beyond to San Diego Bay.

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