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Vertical Farms In Downtown San Diego?

Imagine purchasing fruits and vegitables that were locally grown in Downtown San Diego…. 500 feet in the air!

This is a concept that architect Brandon Martella has been developing, with the intent to supply fresh produce for over 30,000 residents in Downtown San Diego’s urban setting.  The idea is to promote buying your food directly from the source.

Urban Farming in San Diego

The concept is a vertical high-rise building in which half is designated for residential urban living, and the other half for growing crops, like lettuce, corn, tomatoes, carrots, and even grains, with the bottom level as a farmer’s market to sell the goods.

“You can actually walk into the market and look up and see 500 feet of fresh vegetables being grown!”

This forward thinking concept actually has working models and is potentially being presented as a development opportunity for Downtown San Diego.

Will it ever happen?  Who knows, but I think the idea is awesome!

Check out the following link to read the KPBS article:  Vertical Farming In Downtown San Diego.

Watch the KPBS Feature below:

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  1. Interesting concept but it will never happen. Why? You will never be able to recoup the cost of the building by using part of it for growing produce. Maybe if you growing pot (something I don’t support), it would work.

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