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Gaslamp Real Estate

The Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown San Diego is one of the most vibrant adult fun zones  in Southern California.  It’s not a college kid hang out or frat scene, but rather a great entertainment zone with a great dynamic made up of different age brackets.  With all of the professional conventions that come to San Diego, there’s a large quantity of large corporations sending their brightest and best to San Diego to learn and grow.  This, along with the many aspiring young entrepreneurs and empty nesters that come to enjoy Gaslamp real estate make for a well balanced fun area where the young come to grow up and the older come to stay young!

View from bedroom, living room and den.

Condos in the Gaslamp Quarter

Real Estate in the Gaslamp Quarter is best exemplified by buildings like Trellis on 5th Avenue that are located right in the heart of it all.   Trellis is surrounded by fantastic restaurants like Donovan’s Steak and Chop House, Nobu Sushi at The Hardrock, Cafe Sevilla, Lou & Mickey’s and the new Union Kitchen and Tap.  The happy hour scene in this area is absolutely amazing.

I mention all of this because purchasing Gaslamp Real Estate is really about the lifestyle you’re buying into.  It’s about turning the TV off, getting off the couch, going for a walk, meeting up with friends and neighbors for dinner, happy hour, a ball game, wine tasting, going for a sail on the bay.  Or, just drop below to the common area terrace and have a BBQ; after all it is San Diego and chances are, it’s sunny and 72 degrees.

It’s about easy access to a great life, which means you won’t create objections to getting out there and living it up!

This is a simple example of how condos in the Gaslamp Quater can upgrade your lifestyle.  I use this example because a large population has access to this property and this lifestyle even though they might not realize it…yet!  Residence 311 at Trellis is a simple one bedroom, plus den property with one bath and 1 parking space.  It is offered for sale at $449,900 for 803 sf that includes almost 30 linear feet of glass!  I’m sure you are thinking the following questions:

  • Isn’t it noisy?  Well, you we be quite surprised at just how peaceful this property is.  It faces the courtyard and is sheltered from most of the night time action that occurs on 5th Avenue.  Sure, when you live in the city, there will be sirens and maybe even a few planes, but with the windows closed, it’s shocking how little you will hear.
  • How can one possibly live in 803 sq/ft?  Well, if you’re coming from a large home and you can come to realize that most of us buy “stuff”, use it for a few weeks and then store it in the garage or in one of the many extra closets.  One to two decades of this behavior and it’s official – You’re a hoarder…ha,ha!  It’s absolutely liberating to get rid of the “stuff” (consider this a 4 letter word that begins with -s).
  • What do you do when guests visit?  This one is really easy…if it’s family, and you want them to visit, the den is a perfect place for a Murphy bed/desk set up or an extra couch that makes into a queen bed.  If they are family and friends and you want to see them, but don’t really want them posting up in your place, there are a number of hotels in walking distance that offer residents a special rate.  The Marriott Residence Inn on the adjoining block is one such option.  If you don’t really want them to visit…well, I’ll let you run wild with your imagination on how to handle that one – wink, wink.
  • How do we go from 2 cars or more to only one car?  This one is super easy…get off your tail!   You don’t need a car when you own a condo in the Gaslamp Quarter.  There are 2 grocery stores within a few minutes and there are options like car-2-g0, Uber or the Trolley for when you really don’t want to walk or drive.
  • How much are the monthly association fees and what do they include?  It’s a beautiful thing…only $478 per month and it includes window washing 2x per year, security, building maintenance, building insurance, common area maintenance, all of your water and hot water, sewer, trash and gas.  There’s also a fitness center and relaxing courtyard area with seating and BBQ’s.   You only pay your electricity, internet, TV service and phone if you opt for a landline.
Condos in the Gaslamp Quarter can upgrade your lifestyle!
Whether you are a young entrepreneur or your kids just went to or graduated from college and vacated the big home in the burbs, you have access to a great lifestyle in Downtown San Diego.  There’s nothing as cool as being able to just lock your doors, grab an Uber cab to the airport and hit your dream destination without having to worry about the house you left behind.  Condo living is simple and really puts the “living to live” back into life.
Are you missing out?  Check out condos for sale in the Gaslamp Quarter and start to explore how to live it up in San Diego!

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