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5 reasons to make downtown San Diego home

Living in an urban setting like Downtown San Diego brings many perks and conveniences. The 7 different neighborhoods that compose downtown each bring their own unique characteristics, creating a diverse hot spot. After being immersed in the downtown San Diego real estate market for the past 2 years, here are my top takes on what makes downtown San Diego such a great place live.

  1. Walkability and bike-ability: Downtown’s walk score is a 92/100. Ditch the car and get some fresh air walking along the Embarcadero or the streets of Little Italy during Farmers’ Market on Saturday. A favorite mode of transportation for many in our office is bicycling to work. Most residential buildings downtown have secure bike storage areas and there are plenty of bike racks throughout the city for prime “parking”! Yes, Chad and Brent get on their bikes heading to and from the office and zip over to meet clients! The proof is seen here –>!
  2. Close to shopping: Horton Plaza is centrally located in the middle of downtown, there are several grocery stores and natural food markets to get healthy and organic food, and countless boutiques and shops provide everything from soap, to jewelry, to the latest fashion.
  3. Dining options are endless! Start the day with a delicious bagel at Brooklyn Bagel (or if you are in for a sugar fix, a Maple Bacon donut from Donut Bar will knock your socks off!) Your lunch (or any other meal) will never be the same after you explore the menu at Lolitas, and I can’t forget all the amazing Happy Hour deals that abound! Some of our team favorites are Taco Tuesday at Puesto and Isola Pizza Bar in Little Italy! What is your favorite place to eat, drink, or be merry? Share your thoughts below.
  4. Activities galore! From Padres games to a concert at House of Blues or Humphrey’s to beer tours & tastings at the many downtown breweries, there’s always something going on. Whether you want to discover the vibrant nightlife, find a great book at the newly built Central Library, or join other pet owners at the dog park, there’s something for all age groups and all types of people.
  5. I know, I know, everyone knows; but you can’t leave out the weather! The average daily temperature in San Diego is 70.5 degrees, which allows those who live here to get out and enjoy reasons 1-4 year round.

So those are my top 5, please share yours! If you are interested on making downtown San Diego your home, give us a call 619.356.3099.

Written by: chad

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  1. Anton Anderson says:

    Great blog, thanks. I live in Marina District and would have to add bay activities! Renting a sailboat, taking the ferry to Coronado, paddle boarding, fishing, or just watching the sunset over the water. Not many cities have such a beautiful harbor on their front porch.
    Actually, I thought of one more as well, the nightlife! I know it’s not for everyone, but the bars and clubs in the Gaslamp are world class!

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