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New Whole Foods Planned at 7th & Market in Downtown San Diego Can Increase Your Property’s Value by 10%.

Excellent News for you East Village Homeowners at AltaThe MarkParkloft, and several other Fabulous Condo Buildings in Downtown San Diego!…..A recent study done by Zillow, equates having a condo in close proximity to a Whole Foods and/or a Trader Joe’s to Increased Property Values by as much as 10%.   Two years after a given Trader Joes’s opens, the median home within a mile of that store has increased in value 10% more than others in the same city.  Homes within a mile of a Whole Foods also appreciate, or gain value, faster than others in the surrounding area, the study found.  The City Council approved plans to consider San Diego-based Cisterra Development’s new Elegant Ritz Carlton Hotel along with a Whole Foods Market at 7th & Market in Downtown San Diego!

If you’re a Current Condo Homeowner Located near 7th and Market, After the new Whole Foods Opens, Your home will likely have a Higher Asking Price than others when you try to sell it.  And, if you’re looking to move to downtown San Diego, being close to Whole Foods will not only Make Your Life Better and be More Convenient for your Active Lifestyle, it will be a Great Investment and THEN SOME!

I am Happy to help you Buy or Sell your Downtown San Diego Condo.  Call me Anytime and Let’s Find You a Great Home Now!  Laura Ochoa 619-920-2823



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