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Buildings that Allow 30 Day Rentals in Downtown San Diego

With prices getting more expensive for condos in Downtown San Diego a lot of owners and buyers are looking to jump on the Air BNB or VRBO.com scene so they can do short term rentals for their downtown properties.  Why might on do this?  With major events like Comic Con, The Major League All Star Games, the Del Mar Races and some great concerts in San Diego this summer, a lot of people in Arizona, Nevada and even the desert communities of California will be looking to avoid the intense summer heat.  Why not come to San Diego and enjoy mild 72-82 degree daytime temps with no shortage of beach, bay and outdoor activities at your disposal?

Communities like Coronado, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach have been thriving on seasonal short term rentals for years, but downtown is enjoying some of the same exposure.  Fully furnished condos can rent for upwards of $10,000 for the month for months like July and August when they might only fetch $4000 per month if they were on a traditional 12 month or longer term lease.  With more than double the normal returns, why not own a condo, rent it out for 30 days at a time when you are not in the area and then use it in your favorite months.

I’ve had friends that have been doing this for some time and their returns have been phenomenal.  While I tend to follow the rules of the associations and have not gotten involved in this practice myself, I’ve had more and more clients asking me about buildings that do allow 30 day rentals.  This is a list of buildings that do allow 30 day rentals (to my knowledge) at this point in time.  The HOA’s are subject to change so some of these buildings may not be on the list 1-2 years from now, but I’ll do my best to update this list over time.

Buildings allowing 30 day rentals by neighborhood

Marina District

  • 235 on Market
  • Atria
  • Columbia Place
  • Crown Bay
  • Pacific Terrace
  • The Brickyard

The Gaslamp Quarter

  • Gaslamp City Square
  • Trellis 5th Avenue

Columbia District

  • Treo

Little Italy

  • 350 W Ash
  • Aperture
  • Bella Via
  • Doma
  • Ecco Lofts
  • Portico
  • Porto Siena
  • La Vita
  • Village Walk

East Village

  • Alta
  • Diamond Terrace
  • Fahrenheit
  • Icon
  • M2i
  • Metrome
  • Nexus
  • Park Blvd East & West
  • Park Terrace
  • Row Homes on F
  • Lofts at 777
As an example for how this could work, let’s look at a rent roll and expenses for one such property at Alta.  Keep in mind that this person used Air BNB to manage the property and fees are lower than shown below:
Property with financing Downtown Condo Month Rents
Purchase Price $600,000 January $3,600
Down Payment 25% $150,000 February $3,600
Mortgage Amount $450,000 March $3,800
Mtg Payment 4.25% $2,214 April $3,900
Property Taxes $565 May $4,200
Monthly HOA dues $650.00 June $4,500
HO-6 insurance $48 July $6,000
Total Monthly Obligation $3,477 August $7,500
Estimated Rent $4,433 September $5,000
Management Fees 6% $266 October $4,000
Net profit monthly $691 November $3,500
Return on Investment 5.53% December $3,600
Total Rents $53,200
Avg mnthly rent $4,433
In order to search for any one of these condo buildings, just click here and look for the name of the building on the left hand side.  Hopefully this helps you get the investment income you need out of a great property that will make your life better for being in San Diego.

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