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SD’s Most Expensive Homes for Sale


It’s always fun to quiz yourself on real estate so, where do you think San Diego’s most expensive homes are?  You can see the top 10 most expensive homes for sale (not sold ) in this article that was recently published.  As part of the fun, see if you can get the top 3 most expensive homes location correct and of course in the right order.  With fantastic places like Mission Hills, Downtown, Coronado, Pt Loma, La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and more, how do San Diego’s best homes stack up.  Well, Check it out below:

Most Expensive Homes For Sale in San Diego

  1. Rancho Santa Fe – Del Dios Ranch – For a whopping $92 million!!  Includes 210 acres.  See this listing.
  2. Del Mar – 929 Border Ave – $49 million – Waterfront Property with over 5.6 Acres – see this listing.
  3. La Jolla – 7400 Vista Del Mar – $26.5 million – Ocean Front – view this listing
  4. Del Mar – 2160 Balboa Ave – $24.9 million – Above the Village – view this listing
  5. Rancho Santa Fe – El Secreto – $23 million – View this listing
To view the properties 6- 10 you can view the rest of San Diego’s finest homes here.


Written by: Chad Dannecker

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