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Upgrades That Add Value To Your Condo


How much will making improvements add to the value of your condo? When you decide to put your condo on the market, renovations are worthwhile if they help you get a higher price on your condo or if they help you sell your condo faster than expected.

There are a couple of less-complicated improvements that you can embrace that will make a positive difference…..

  • PAINT your walls in a pleasing neutral color to brighten your condo up.
  • FLOORING: Many downtown San Diego Condos are now over 10 years old and carpets- even those that are shampooed and lightly walked-on, are starting to look a bit “icky”.  New Floors are a major selling point for your condo. It’s a less costly investment, but the return is usually positive, typically falling between 80-100%   If you’re looking for a small upgrade that’s beneficial, you can’t go wrong with installing a classic hardwood throughout your condo! Hardwood floors are much easier to deal with than carpet, and better for allergies, too.  Most importantly, Buyers like hard wood flooring!
  • KITCHEN: If you don’t want to spend $20,000 on the kitchen, you can paint/reface the cabinets, install new fixtures, replace the faucet and sink, and update the appliances if you can.   Buying new and shiny kitchen appliances, which are not that expensive, will make buyers instinctively like the place and feel at home.
  • CONDO IS CLEAN: Getting your house professionally cleaned would cost just a fraction of the cost of renovation and yet it could give your buyers a really good first impression when they walk in the door and inspect every room.
  • CLUTTER-FREE: Remove all clutter and any personal items from your home. Give it a natural look and yet retain a feel of warmth.  Let people visualize themselves living in the condo. Having a lot of clutter and personal items strewn around will put off buyers.
  • SMELLS GREAT:  Make sure your condo smells nice! Be sure to eliminate all odors of pets, sweaty sports equipment and shoes, clean out any boxes of litter, etc. You can use scented candles or air fresheners, both spray as well as plug-in, to make sure your condo is pleasantly scented.

Remember, that the key is to keep things simple and stylish- not tailored to your personal taste- in order to appeal to the widest variety of buyer’s tastes!

For expert help selling your condo at the highest price, please call me-  Laura Ochoa @ 619-920-2823

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