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Clear The Clutter to Get Your Time Back!

When you hear the word “declutter” does a wave of fear rush over you? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Think of it this way – every single item you currently own is robbing you of your most valuable resource of all, your time! Add up all the time required to manage it, store it, clean it, repair it, and maintain it. However, any time you invest into decluttering your home/office/life, will ultimately add time to your life, allowing you the freedom to spend more of your day doing what brings you joy.
Let’s simplify the process of decluttering once and for all, with 5 Simplified Ways to Clear The Clutter:

1. Stop the Flow of Stuff Coming In

Decluttering is a waste of time if you simply replace the old stuff with new. You’ll need to begin by slowing the flow of things entering your home. Determine today to buy less. Trust me, you won’t regret it. The freedom from desire to acquire is a beautiful thing.

2. Begin with the Easy Stuff First

There is no need to make things difficult by trying to declutter the hardest things first. Most likely, it will simply deter you from the task altogether. Instead, start with the easy stuff and then as you strengthen your will to reduce, the harder decisions will become easier.

3. Do Not Be Afraid to Let Go

The urge to hold on to items you think you might need someday can be eliminated simply by being realistic about what need really is. Many items in our homes may be useful, but they are not particularly necessary to our happiness, well-being, or the functionality of our homes. Seek to understand the difference.

4. Decide to Not Keep Things out of Guilt or Obligation

Your home should only contain the things you love or use. Don’t let incorrect thinking or other people dictate what you should keep or give away. Remember, if the items are yours, it is your choice to decide what to do with them.

5. Do Not Over-Stock-Up Your Home

A home does not need enough linen, crockery, cutlery, or pantry supplies to serve as a hotel. Be realistic about your true needs. In the rare event an unusually large number of guests arrive on your doorstep, you can always borrow from friends, family or neighbors.



Source: 365 Less Things

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