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Cross County Condo Search Tips

The search for a perfect condo is never an easy task even if you are looking in a local area, but looking in a completely new area can be overwhelming. However, with modern technology and a little help from an area expert, searching remotely has never been easier! If you keep the following tips in mind your search will be a success.

Do your Research

The Internet is your best source to start any home search. You know everything about your current neighborhood, but do not have the same expertise in the area you will be moving to. A few important things to consider are: commute time, crime rate, school rankings, and walk ability as all of these will play a large part in your new home. There is no substitute for an in-person viewing a search will help determine what areas to focus your search on.

Another great source is a local Realtor. As an area expert they are able to shed light on different neighborhoods and will have knowledge not easily found on the internet. With modern technology, you can even “visit” your new destination via a FaceTime or Skype tour.

Have a travel budget

If at all possible you should visit the area you will be moving to before your move. This will allow you to see how areas are first hand, get a feel for the culture of each neighborhood, and hopefully find your next condo! This does not always happen on the first trip and it is easy for costs to start piling up. Be flexible and set aside a few thousand dollars for travel. This is again where a good Realtor will be invaluable as they can set up tours of all the properties you are interested in a short amount of time, while at the same time not cramming in to many showings that you will not remember at the end of the day.

Know what your must have are – And don’t settle!

Knowing exactly what you want is especially crucial in a long distance search for a home as your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it looking at condos that you will not enjoy. Compile a list of your “Top-5 Must Haves” and use these to narrow your search. This list will also help your Realtor identify condos you may enjoy that you would not have thought about looking at.

Take the Plunge!

Lots of renters are nervous to rent an apartment sight unseen, and the numerous online scams can compound this feeling. However, if you do your research and find a reputable company this fear can be completely avoided. Moving to a new city should be looked at as an opportunity and a fresh start. It gives you the opportunity to experience a new neighborhood, a new city, a new culture and new people!

Need help?

At Welcome to San Diego Management we are here to help! As the downtown San Diego rental experts we are happy to assist you in the hunt for your next home so contact us today!


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