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Spring Time = Renovation Time

Spring-Time is Upgrade Time for Your Rental Condo!

As our brutal San Diego winter comes to an end many people start their spring cleaning, but at Welcome To San Diego Management we are starting a new trend, Spring time renovations! Summer is the hottest rental season in San Diego (no pun intended) so now is the time to upgrade your condo to maximize its value in the eyes of qualified applicants. This does not have to cost an arm and a leg to accomplish and can be easily achievable by following the simple tips below:

  1. Start with something small
    1. Before you start knocking down walls and re-tiling your bathroom and in turn emptying your bank account we recommend starting with the small things. Take a tour of your condo and determine what needs to be fixed and repaired and start there. Is you bathroom faucet leaking? A new fixture can give the bathroom a completely new look and fix an existing problem at the same time! Paint is another small item that can make a HUGE difference. Try painting your kitchen cabinets for an easy upgrade, or paint your whole condo a modern gray tone to attract today’s discerning renter.
  2. Boost your curb appeal
    1. While this is often not possible in a condo as the curb appeal is the responsibility of the HOA, you are still able to make small changes to boost renters impression of your condo. Make sure that your door is scratch free and place a door mat outside if the HOA allows for a cozy, home-like feel. If there are renovation projects going on in your community try and show your prospective renter the condo before any construction areas if at all possible. Learn the names of the front desk attendants as well as the renter will feel more comfortable with your expertise.
  3. Add some color
    1. A splash of color can make any condo seem more livable! Whether you choose a timeless color or a modern hot color, it will make your condo stand out. You can achieve this look by not only using paint, but also fixtures, appliances, curtains, flooring, cabinets and much more! We do however recommend trying to stay somewhat neutral as some customizations will narrow your pool of potential renters. If you have any questions just ask and we will be happy to help!
  4. Change your light fixtures
    1. While light fixtures are rarely (if ever) on a list of a renter’s most desirable items it is surprising how much of a difference a new fixture can make. With all of today’s different decorating trends there are unlimited options to fit any budget. Do you have a large industrial space? You should purchase larger industrial looking lighting that would look out of place in a traditional condo as you do not have a traditional space. Light accents are a small accent piece that can make a big difference to new or current tenants. The addition of a ceiling fan into the fixture is also an inexpensive change that will make a big impact for your current or future tenants!

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