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Bayside Performance Park takes Shape

The San Diego Symphony Bayside Performance Center would fill the gap as a venue for medium-sized concerts and events that currently have no viable option in the region. This new venue could be used as an additional rental space for conventions or performances; as a site for celebrations, festivals, children’s programs, and as a community gathering space. Importantly, the proposed approach makes it possible to create a permanent, outdoor stage with the elegance and beauty deserving of the site and uses sophisticated acoustical technology that will deliver superior performances while minimizing sound bleed to nearby neighbors.

The Symphony has provided a proposal to the Unified Port of San Diego (Port) for the development of a permanent, highly-innovative outdoor concert venue called the San Diego Symphony Bayside Performance Center. This significant park improvement project will allow the Symphony to elevate its musical presentations with an architecturally remarkable and acoustically superior stage, enable the Park to become an essential public resource as a viable site for a broader range of performances, and activate it year-round as a community gathering space and a landmark attraction.

Construction of the San Diego Symphony’s new Bayside Performance Center began in September, but the framework for the permanent structure is finally starting to take shape. It is being built on the same location in Embarcadero Marina Park South that the Symphony has used for its Summer Pops and Bayside Summer Nights concert series. The new permanent structure is replacing the temporary stage that the Symphony has used for years.

Officials with the San Diego Symphony said that the Bayside Performance Park is on schedule to open in July and can accommodate up to 10,000 concertgoers, fitting in with the rest of the downtown skyline.

The Symphony looks forward to working closely with the Port on the next steps and to the potential of creating an aesthetically spectacular destination that marks the importance of the outdoor experience and encourages people to celebrate their cultural backgrounds and their communities together.


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